Investment and an Asset

[00:00:33] We ultimately decided that I need to do this roof now and get the roof done was actually the same moment that we chose Interlock, the roof that we elected to put on the home we had seen on a couple of other homes. Thought it looked fantastic and so much better than our existing cedar roof that that really was. I think that realization that this new roof not only was going to make it look like one seamless home with the renovation, but a much higher quality and better esthetically, more esthetically pleasing roof led us to right there and then kind of make that call.

[00:01:10] We kind of had to come to grips with, you know, spending a much higher amount of money than we intended originally. However, I think for us, we really began to realize that this was an investment in our in an asset, the lifetime warranty on the product, the transferability of that warranty to another owner turned this from an expense into an investment in an asset. And I’ve been really pleased with that to this juncture, and I expect it to last the rest of my life in this house.

[00:01:42] Well, the installation was incredible, frankly. A giant team of guys showed up here very quickly. They had their product distributed across the property where they needed to have it for access, and they were up on the roof frantically ripping off these cedar shakes. And they were everywhere. And when it was happening, especially the first day, I’m like, Oh my God, am I going to have this mess on our property for the next few weeks? And each and every day the property was left looking how it was when they arrived in the morning. So the dumpster was full. People stayed as late as they had to stay, rain or shine to ensure A the roof was buttoned up in the event of rain or possible rain and B that everything was picked up off the property put into the bin. So it was a very clean worksite and I was amazed with how fast and how hard the people worked and the size of the team that came to take on the job. So they gave me confidence that this was going to get done on time with as little disruption as you might hope with a roof going on. And we lived in the house through putting 6000 square feet of roof on. And, you know, frankly, it was they went better than I was anticipating.

[00:02:58] Having a cedar roof. Some people led us to believe that a metal roof was going to be really noisy from rain. And of course, here in Vancouver, that’s the majority of our winter weather. That was all overhyped in my estimation. In fact, we have found that the noise level from rain is at worst equal, if not better than what we were experiencing earlier with our cedar shaped roof. We have a number of frames with very high vaulted ceilings and insulation was installed and, you know, within the membrane or beneath the membrane within that system that Interlock uses, which has actually reduced the noise in those rooms in particular than what we were experiencing with the cedar roof. Secondly, the little bit of snow that we have had on the roof has performed it essentially how we were told, which is that it doesn’t collect snow but have a fairly steep roof and of course, on the metal, the snow largely rolls off, but it’s landing in my gutters. It’s being absorbed there from fine. I don’t have huge clumps of snow landing on my walkway or catching a person walking by or, you know, an animal. I’ve heard about these problems from other people with standing seem roofs and perhaps with a different eave system. But with what we have, I’ve had no problems of that variety.

[00:04:15] So we looked at, as I said earlier, asphalt roofs, cedar roof, rubber roof, and pretty quickly saw that cedar was a major premium. In fact, in terms of pricing, it kind of went asphalt, Interlock, rubber, cedar. And we didn’t like the look of an asphalt roof kind of went, you’re going to get what you pay for there. We eliminated it. Likewise with the cedar roof. We were like, Wow, I wouldn’t have expected it to be more. And esthetically, we kind of like the look of the metal roof and the rubber roof while it looked a lot more like cedar, because that’s what they’re trying to replicate. We felt we would have gone with rubber versus cedar because of the price difference, which narrowed us down to the Interlock roof and the rubber roof. And there was interesting, the rubber roof was slightly more expensive, which kind of surprised us in my estimation. It didn’t bring the same sort of warranties and guarantees and performance number one. And number two, we found the quality, the people who were selling that to us to be, let’s just put it this way, the folks from Interlock were a big differentiating factor for us in addition to the product, and that’s why we weren’t with them and we were glad we were able to spend at the level we spent. And I’m very happy we didn’t go with a rubber roof, but I feel like I have very good value with what we what we ended up putting in here.

[00:05:38] As we toured properties that your salesperson told us to go look at, we increasingly fell in love with the look of the aluminum slate profile that we ultimately put on our home. So first and foremost, we love the look of the product. Number two. And as we grew to learn more about the product in terms of its durability and and the fact that, you know, I have lifetime protection and, you know, in effect in a fashion insured against consequential problems down the road. Having that certainty gave us great confidence to make this investment in the asset of our house, to know that hopefully I’m never going to have to contend with anything to do with this roof ever again and not hopefully, I believe I will never have to have anything to do with this roof again. And then number three, all of that sounds nice, but if I can’t trust the organization and the people and I feel like maybe they’re not as forthright and honest as I felt some doubts about other folks in this industry, if I didn’t feel that I had that with the folks from Interlock, none of those other things would have mattered. So this foundation of trust was quickly developed. The people I worked with were very progressive and how they they sold to us. They spent time, you know, flying a drone over the home with the old roof, not only to size it so they could quote, you know, immediately and accurately, but to also give us a, you know, a flavor of how our house was going to look like with their product on it that was so different from anybody else. When they came to the door, they were prepared, they had invested time and energy getting to know our property. When we left, we had a firm code in our hands that day and all my questions were answered honestly and thoroughly, and I did not have that experience with any of the other providers. And unfortunately, I did not have that experience with any of the other providers. The combination of a fantastic esthetic, strength and the performance of the product, and a real integrity of the people in the organization.


Our customers enjoy the many advantages of owning a lifetime roof:

  1. Eliminates the Future Costs of re-roofing again and again.
  2. Have a Lifetime Limited Warranty  Non-ProRated 50-Year Transferable to a second homeowner.
  3. Get Peace of Mind – You won’t have to worry about replacing your roof.
  4. A Lifetime of Beauty and Protection from extreme weather.

Why spend money again and again on “remove and replace” roofing that can fail in as little as 8 years’ time?

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