It is so comforting to know that our roof is now safe from leaks and ugliness.

Thank you so much for meeting with us to arrange the purchase of a new roof by Interlock. It’s gorgeous!

It is so comforting to know that our roof is now safe from leaks and ugliness. We had a few obvious leaks every time it rained or snowed and that hasn’t happened since our new roof was completed. We have seen several people “looking” as they walk or drive by and several neighbors have made comments as to how great it looks.

This was a job that we put off for years – and now we’re so glad that we have done it!

What a great crew you had – they were polite – they did the work, and they cleaned up beautifully (even better than how they found it – to our pleasure). The roof was delivered as promised – on time! The crew worked long hours to get it completed and although we had bad weather on a few of those days – the work was completed in a week! They never interfered with our own schedule and despite the hammering which comes with any job of this nature – we just knew they were getting the work done as expeditiously as possible – working until the available light made it unsafe to continue for the day.

Thank you – Interlock is a great company with a product that is sure to give us many years of security knowing that our roof will surely outlast us and that we don’t have to worry about any future roofing jobs. You were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with!

It is great to know that we now have the “best roof” on the block – not the worst!

Mike and Betty Rich
Arlington, MA





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