Lethbridge, AB — Roof Review — Value of our property has risen considerably

The value of our property has risen considerably

Lethbridge, Alberta


Today, the Interlock Roofing Installers have completed the installation of a great looking roof on our home.

Later in the month of September, as I was standing on the deck of my home, enjoying the Autumn air, I noticed that one of my neighbours was having a new roof installed on their home.

This roof definitely appeared to look much different than the ordinary asphalt shingles that are prevalent on most homes. So, I needed to get a closer look. As I came to the home where the roof was being installed, I thought, boy, this is really “extraordinary”……..and I liked what I had seen. I enquired of the installers to know more about the product, I was informed that I should leave my name and phone number, and a representative would contact me.

Within a few days, I received a phone call from Brad (local Interlock representative) and an appointment was set, so we could be informed more about the product. Our roof at that time was asphalt shingles, which were beginning to curl in some areas (mainly the South side) of the roof. I knew that we’d be lucky if we could get about one more years wear, without replacing the roof.

The job was professionally completed by Interlock Roofing trained installers. There’s no doubt in my mind but what the value of our property has risen considerably, however, we are anticipating enjoying our home for many years to come. At this point, it’s too early to notice any changes to our home………except the roof certainly helps to enhance the beauty of our home. We have already had some very positive comments from some of our neighbours.

If you might be considering a new roof on your home, I would truly recommend that you listen to Mr. Reagh……..he really knows all there is to know about roofing. Mr. Reagh is representing the best roofing product that’s on the market today. I really wanted the best roof installed because I didn’t want to be having to redo my roof again in a few years. We now have peace of mind, in knowing that we have the best roof that’s available.

Keith and Priscilla Payne
Lethbridge, Alberta

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Raymond, AB — Roof Review — We wanted a roof that we would never have to worry about again

We wanted a roof that we would never have to worry about again!

Raymond, Alberta


I would like to share some thoughts with regard to our new Interlock roof which has recently been installed:

We moved into this house five years ago thinking we would never have to put a roof on the house while we lived here. To our surprise, this past spring, I looked up to check the roof, and what did I see? Shock and horror at curling tiles! I couldn’t believe it; so I had it professionally inspected. Sure enough, I was told to have the roof replaced by next spring! I couldn’t believe my ears. Our house is only 10 years old!!!!!!!

I called the previous owner who was also shocked. He said the shingles should last for 25 years. I called the roof installer who also said they were 25 year shingles. I asked him if he would come over just to have a look as I was very concerned being winter is approaching. He was very hesitant but we agreed he would come over after work that day. Well, true to form and a typical contractor, I haven’t seen him to this day. The owner approached him and he used some pretty colorful words as to where I could go and he didn’t care.

We had gone to the trade show and kept all of the pamphlets, etc. We had also received a call about roofing but couldn’t remember who called. Between the pamphlet and the phone call, Brad with Interlock came to the rescue! We wanted a roof that we would never have to worry about again! However, we were very reluctant to have anything to do with contractors again.

Brad was completely true to his word! He kept communications open and was very thorough and excellent on follow-up. He was the overseer of our roof and ensured everything was done correctly and installed quickly. He had trained, professional installers. I was so impressed one day when I was showing the roof to some friends and the installer came over, pointed and asked if we could see a certain line on the roof. We all said we didn’t see it. He said, “Well, I can; I’ll have to redo three rows to correct it, but I’m doing it so it’s done right,” and off he went. His work ethics was impeccable and he was very personable as well.

Unlike most others, when I look at my roof, I only think how gorgeous it looks and so does everyone else!

I would be pleased to speak with anyone, anytime about our new care-free, beautiful roof.

If you are considering a new roof, I would, without hesitation, recommend Brad, Interlock and no one else would do!

Patricia Steves
Raymond, AB

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Lethbridge, AB — Roof Review — It will be the best purchase you ever make

To anyone interested in purchasing the Interlock roof system, it will be the best purchase you ever make.

We have already noticed a difference in my house temperature. The workers were very polite and courteous.

Brad came by a couple of times to make sure everything was good. We would recommend this company to anyone looking for a new permanent, maintenance-free roof.

Thank you,
Debbie Engbrecht
Lethbridge, Alberta

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Lethbridge, AB — Roof Review — I view the Interlock roof as an investment, which has added value to my home

I view the Interlock roof as an investment, which has added value to my home

North Lethbridge, Alberta


I am very happy with my new roof and I like the unique look. The installers were quick, professional and cleaned up the work site well.

The hot Southern Alberta climate and windy conditions are hard on asphalt shingles. As I plan on being in my home for many more years, I view the Interlock roof as an investment, which has added value to my home.

Carol Mueller
North Lethbridge, AB

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Cardston, AB — Roof Review — The roof seems no louder in a rainstorm

The roof seems no louder in a rainstorm than the asphalt roof

Cardston, Alberta


I live about 13 miles southwest of Cardston, Alberta. This summer I had an “Interlock” roof installed. The fellas doing the work came prepared, worked quickly, cleaned up and hauled away the refuse. They were very professional.

Although we haven’t yet experienced heavy rain, the roof seems no louder in a rainstorm than the asphalt roof. I have and would recommend this roofing to others.

Tim Wickenheiser
Cardston, AB

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Cardston, AB — Roof Review — The roof installers were friendly and hardworking

Our new roof looks great and we are pleased with the results

Cardston, Alberta


Our experience with Interlock Roofing has been a positive one. Our salesman, Brad, was friendly, outgoing, and came through on all of his promises. The roof installers were friendly and hardworking. Our new roof looks great and we are pleased with the results. We would recommend Interlock Roofing to anyone.

Ed Neiman
Cardston, AB

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Lethbridge, AB — Roof Review — How do you say no to a 50-year warranty?

How do you say no to a 50-year warranty?

Lethbridge, Alberta

Recently my wife and I came to the conclusion that we really could not put off replacing our roof much longer and so we started researching materials and costs. During the time we were doing our research we ran across INTERLOCK representative, Brad, at the Lethbridge Home and Garden Show at which he explained the INTERLOCK ROOFING SYSTEM TO US. We were impressed with what Brad had to say and consequently, we invited him to our house to have a look at the problem and give us an idea of what it would cost to have our roof done. After talking with Brad the second time, we both decided that the advantages of this roof far outweighed the fact that it was going to cost more than an asphalt shingle roof. How do you say no to a 50-year warranty?

Well, now our new roof is on the house we both feel it was one of our better decision regarding our home. The roof looks beautiful. The entire process was very straightforward and painless. People showed up when they said they would show up, the installer was an absolute professional, Brad kept track of the entire process and there were no hidden charges. We have already had a Realtor inform us that the new roof will definitely increase the value of our house.

In short, I would strongly recommend that anyone in need of a new roof give very serious consideration to Brad and the INTERLOCK roofing system.

We have been extremely impressed with the integrity and professionalism of the installer. First Class!

From our first conversation with Brad through the completion of our new roof, we have had a high level of confidence in INTERLOCK, their roof system, and most importantly, their people!

David Hignell
Lethbridge, AB

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Coaldale, AB — Roof Review — We liked the idea of never having to replace the roof again

We liked the idea of never having to replace the roof again

Coaldale, Alberta


We moved to Coaldale in July of 2004 from Medicine Hat and knew that the roof would need to be replaced in the next year or so.

We had seen Interlock at the Home and garden show in Medicine Hat in 2003 & 2004. We also looked at two of the houses that Interlock had done in Medicine Hat. We got Brad to come to our house at our convenience to give us the whole demonstration. After comparing cost, warranty, value, weight, and looks of the Interlock compared to asphalt, and tiles, we decided on Interlock. You’re probably asking yourself, why Interlock? We liked the idea of never having to replace the roof again, the lifetime (transferable) warranty, we absolutely love the aged copper colour that we chose.

Installation took four days that is for a thousand square foot home and a double car garage. The installer was friendly and courteous. When I had to make the decision of taking the gutters off or leaving them on, he explained all the pros and cons, so I could make my decision. He cleaned up after each day was done, and at the end he hauled all the garbage to the dump.

The financing with Interlock was done without headaches. All we had to do was fax a few papers to the bank and everything was done.

Considering that the installation was done while my husband was out of town, I felt at ease during the whole process.

I would recommend Interlock to anyone with hesitation.

Catherine Morrison
Coaldale, AB

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Waterton Park, AB — Roof Review — We experienced winds gusting to over 200 km per hour

The Waterton area is quite windy in the winter and this year we experienced winds gusting to over 200 km per hour

Waterton Park, Alberta


Joanne and I are very pleased with the performance and features of the Interlock Roofing System. Not only does it look great, but it has also proven its worth during the last two winters. As you may know, the Waterton area is quite windy in the winter and this year we experienced winds gusting to over 200 km per hour. While our neighbours are out gluing and nailing down their asphalt shingles, we’re sitting home relaxing without worrying about our roof.

We have mentioned our satisfaction to many people in the area and hopefully, we are able to send new customers your way. We have many high-quality pictures of our home so if you would like to review the images, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be honoured if you would choose one of the pictures for your promotional literature.

Yours very sincerely,
Stephen & Joanne H
Waterton Park, AB

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Calgary, AB — Roof Review — I’m glad we did it now rather than waiting

I'm glad we did it now rather than waiting

Calgary, Alberta


As I promised, here is our very belated letter following the installation of our new Interlock Roof in mid April of this year.

Mark and Martin, our installers, were terrific. They were courteous and friendly and Mark took the time to answer all my questions. They cleaned up those huge mounds of old shakes completely and they left the worksite neat and tidy at the end of each day. They did a great job!

As Mark told me when I complimented them, he treats each job as if he were doing it at his own home. They take pride in their work. Ted, I think these guys deserve a raise!!

We are very happy with the appearance of the roof and knowing that we are worry free for the rest of our lives is a good feeling. The neighbors watched the installation with great interest as most of them also need to re-roof their houses soon. When I saw how crumbly and dry those cedar shakes were, I would say sooner, rather than later. I’m glad we did it now rather than waiting until we had either water leaking in and staining our vaulted ceiling or shingles flying off in the wind.

When you are back in Calgary feel free to stop by and take your pictures; now that spring is here the yard is looking quite lovely. Call me first so I can put the coffee pot on!


John & Jan Anders
Calgary, AB

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Calgary, AB — Roof Review — Headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles

Headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles

Calgary, Alberta


We hope this letter will save someone experiencing some of the aggravation, expense, internal damages and headaches we have experienced using asphalt shingles.

Our home built in 1984, had its roof finished with asphalt shingles. Within ten years we started to experience leaking around flashings resulting in a rosewood chest having to be refinished and stippled ceilings in several areas of our home having to be repainted. By 1995 we reluctantly gave in to the realization our roof needed replacing and started shopping for a new roof. In May 1996 we re-roofed our 11-year-old home using IKO’s “Aristocrat” asphalt shingles which were rated at 25 years (cost $3321.28). Unfortunately, when the roofing contractor ordered the shingles they did not order enough, and the finished roof ended up with a distinctly different colored patch at the front of our very long roof which extends from the peak of our house to the front of the garage. At the time I was assured a year of sun bleaching should rectify the color variation, but if it didn’t, I was to call them to arrange to have it rectified.

One year later our “new” roof still looked “patched,” and a call was made to the roofing company who arranged a meeting with a senior representative of IKO, the president of the roofing company and myself. Following that meeting, I received a letter from IKO telling me the guarantee did not cover “color.” The IKO letter Included an offer of approximately $500.00 so that I could deal with MY problem on my one-year-old, Aristocrat (26 years) shingle roof. Upon receipt of that letter, I contacted the roofing contractor, told them about the letter and informed them they would not be hearing from me again but would hear from a lawyer on my behalf. Boy, did that get things happening! Fortunately for us, the roofing contractor stood by us, and the “color” matter was satisfactorily resolved by November 1997. Unfortunately, we experienced significant interior leaking in December 1997 following a very wet heavy snow. The leaking was so bad it was “raining” from the light in our front entrance, and our front door froze shut! The result to us was more inconvenience, more damage, more shabby cosmetic repairs by a fellow provided by the roofing contractor but at last, it looked like our roofing problems were behind us.

In July of 1998, Northwest Calgary was hit by a severe hailstorm. My husband’s worse fear was the storm would have knocked 15 of the 25 years off the life our “new roof.” That storm obliterated our roof, and the insurance adjuster’s first comment was that the roof would need replacing. During the summer and fall of 1998, it was almost impossible to get a roof installed, and we seriously questioned the quality of work that we saw around us.

February of 1999 arrived with us still in need of a new roof, so we went roof shopping at The Home and Garden Show where we met Ted Rector of Interlock Industries (Alberta) Ltd. Several of Interlock’s competitors couldn’t even be bothered to take the time to talk to us. Those that did speak to us were selling asphalt (paper or fibreglass) shingles. Within a week Ted came to our home, and we had arranged to get a roof to solve our problems finally.

Our new roof tile in charcoal gray is now on our home. We love the look! The installers were a super group of very considerate fellows. Clean-up by Interlock’s installers was very thorough. I wish all of our roofing experiences could have been as pleasant as our dealings thus far with Interlock and its representatives!

Wendy L. Herrick
Calgary, AB

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