I think it is the best decision I could have made

Dear Todd,

I just wanted to thank you and Interlock Roofing for the wonderful job Rod and Tarek did on my new roof.  I am so pleased with their work and of course, with the roof itself.  I will be recommending Interlock to everyone I can.  I think it is the best decision I could have made.

I was very impressed with Rod and Tarek.  They were very personable and totally professional.  There were a few hiccups along the way that they handled calmly and well.  One example is that I have a plastic panel roof over my back porch.  They had to remove it to replace the fascia board underneath.  They devised a plan and carried it out.  The roof is back in place as it was and they sealed the opening between it and the house roof so there is no leakage at all.

I asked to keep the old fascia boards that were in not too bad shape and they placed them in my back yard for me, throwing away the really rotten ones.  I had a delivery while they were here and the delivery man just dropped the shed in the garage and left the pallet.  Rod grabbed it and carried it to the guy and told him to take it away.  Then Rod and Tarek moved the shed to a better place for me.

As you can see, they not only did a fast and professional job on the roof, but went beyond their job to help me with a few little things, which I greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for doing such a great job.  I would love to have your job sign on my front yard so that people can see who did my roof and as I said, I will gladly recommend Interlock to any and all.

Donna Williams
Delta, BC