Surrey, BC — Roof Review — Very impressed with our new roof

The roofers were skilled and hard working

My wife and I are very happy with our new aluminum roof. It is very attractive and “permanent.”

It was interesting to watch the skill of the roofers cutting, shaping and fitting the roof components.The roofers were skilled and hard working. Their “clean-up” at the end of each day was efficient.

Thank you Interlock Roofing for a job well done.

T.R. Martin
Chilliwack, BC

Prince George, BC — Roof Review — Extreme temperatures, winds and precipitation

Our home became a showpiece! And the value soared

To Whom It May Concern:

I first encountered Ted Rector at the Nanaimo Home Show in 1999. I quickly made an appointment and consequently bought my first Interlock roof. We absolutely loved the roof! Not to mention the installation was first rate and the look was superb!  Although I thought we would be in that home for several more years, we found a home with an ocean view that I couldn’t resist. We sold and made an excellent profit, partially due to the transferable and lifetime warranty on the roof.

Our next home needed the attention to detail immediately from Ted. Our new home in Lantzville when viewed from the road was all roof. And boy did it need a new one! We actually purchased the home knowing that it would be our first priority. But we knew the best representative and the best material for our problem.

Ted suggested the copper “tile look”. A little more expensive, but let me tell you, it was well worth it. Our home became a showpiece! And the value soared. No more unsightly tar and gravel on a low roof. No moss! No maintenance! Just pure beauty and the knowledge that we had once again gained the best on the market.

Unfortunately, what we thought would be our final home was sold when we had to move my mother-in-law in with us and needed a bigger house. However, we sold that house with a huge profit that aside from the view was mainly due to the value and warranties on the roof.

Our new home will need a new roof in the next few years and I won’t have to shop around. An Interlock roof will definitely be installed. Interlock Roofing has been in business for years and Ted knows his business like no-one else. I found the best and now you have too. I cannot recommend Ted or Interlock highly enough.

Lori Bennett and Mike Vaira
Lantzville, BC

We believe it was the right decision choosing Interlock Roofing

We are very pleased to acknowledge Interlock Roofing to send the qualified installer Mr. Michael Hayes for the completion of the new roof with Interlock’s product – Aluminum sheets.

The high skills, rich experience and great responsibility lead Mr. Hays to perform this job very well. We are comfortable with the good installation work along with the life-warrant quality of Interlock’s product.

We believe it was the right decision choosing Interlock Roofing.

Ming Zhuang
Coquitlam, BC


It looks just fantastic, better than we could have imagined

We have just had our aluminum roof installed by your company, in a charcoal grey with the tile effect. It looks just fantastic, better than we could have imagined. It has definitely changed the look of our home… bringing it more up to date and already have had more comments from our neighbours and friends on how nice it looks. It appears that one home in our area, after driving by ours, had their roof done in the shingle style not long after ours!

The installers we can’t say enough about… Lee and his assistant Kyle were so professional, did such quality work, and were a pleasure to talk to for advice and explaining what had to be done. They are a real credit to your company and would be highly recommended by us to anyone interested in our area of Kamloops.

Your staff and company have certainly been a pleasure to deal with and we wish you all continued success.

Yours truly,
Carl and Seon Bonderud
Kamloops, BC

The noise level was no greater than it had been before

We recently had our aging asphalt roof replaced with your Interlock Roofing System and I must compliment you on your product.

When your salesman made the initial sales call we were presented with a complete roofing system package which looked ideal for our requirements. Upon examining the product I was extremely satisfied with the look and feel of the individual shingle. The installation process was clearly outlined and along with the guarantee was enough for us to go ahead. When the installation was completed by your experienced crew we were very satisfied and looked upon our roof as one of the most desirable in our neighborhood.

As we live on the West Coast I was anxious to see what the results of our winter rain and snow storms would be. When the first real rainstorm passed through we observed the water beading up and flowing freely off the roof with no soaking in as we had previously experienced. We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that the noise level was no greater than it had been before. My biggest surprise was after the first snowfall. When I went out in the morning I was amazed that the roof was clean with no snow build-up at all. This meant no more worries about the weight accumulation of very wet snow building up on the roof structure which was aging.

We would like to close by saying your product has exceeded our expectations and has made us feel very comfortable in our home. We now know we do not ever have to worry about the failure of the roof during the life of our home. The Interlock product has proven itself to us to be vastly superior to the other systems we were looking at and was well worth the added expense. Thank you for letting us look forward to retiring without the worries of expensive modifications to our home.

Two more extremely satisfied customers.

James and Mary-Anne Reid
Langley, BC

Richmond, BC — Roof Review — Already noticed the benefits that the salesperson had sold us on

He went beyond the call of duty to perform an excellent job

This letter regards the installation of a new roof on our house using your products.

First of all, we are extremely pleased with your product. We would be happy to recommend it as an excellent product.

Next, I would like to commend you on your choice of an installer for our new roof. I do not think you could have chosen a better installer.

From the very first day on the job, it was obvious that Mr. Ritter was a highly competent tradesperson. He pointed out many errors that had been made on the original roofing system. In addition he advised us on the necessary corrective measures. In my estimation he went beyond the call of duty to perform an excellent job.

I feel you company should be very pleased to have a craftsman with such a good sense of responsibility, desire and ability to do an excellent job.

Once again, we are extremely pleased with your product and the workmanship of Mr. Ritter.

Yours truly,
M.A. Lantz
Ladysmith, BC

They were courteous, friendly and very cooperative.

Recently we had a cedar shake roof replaced by Interlock Industries (BC) Ltd. The installers did a superb job. They were courteous, friendly and very cooperative. We can highly recommend them to anyone thinking of re-roofing their house.

H. Busch
Maple Ridge, BC

Thank you for sending such excellent workers

In doing the roofing project on my property, Tyler and Michael have exhibited exceptional professionalism. They were thorough and meticulous in what they did, and were pleasant and courteous in dealing with us.

We are most satisfied with them. Thank you for sending such excellent workers to do the project for us.

Stephen Hoh, MD
Lions Bay, BC

We are extremely pleased with the completed result

There are two reasons for this letter to you.

First, both my wife and I wish to express our satisfaction with your roofing product. We are extremely pleased with the completed result and the enhancement to our home.

Second, we wish to take this opportunity to commend your roof installer Mr. Larry Koster he is the kind of exceptional employee that any employer would be fortunate to have working for him. He persevered in spite of extreme adverse weather conditions, which included, rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind and cold, in order to complete the job. He is to be congratulated for being such a conscientious efficient tradesman.

Sincerely yours,
Mr. and Mrs. K.J. Gourlay
Nanaimo, BC

With Interlock Roofing, we had absolutely no problems

Dear Sir:

Today our beautiful new roof is completed. We are very pleased with the quality of your product as well as the genuinely dedicated employees that we have had the pleasure of meeting. Your service is excellent; your employees believe in the product and take great pride in presenting us with nothing but the finest. It is said that “You get what you pay for” but rarely does one get exactly what one pays for without having to constantly check on the workmanship, the product quality and in general just make sure that what has been promised is actually going to happen, with no shortcuts or shoddy corner cutting. With Interlock Roofing, we had absolutely no problems; everything was done exactly as promised!

The young man who installed our roof “Brennan White” was an artist! What a pleasant, friendly and conscientious tradesman! Brennan’s attention to detail was appreciated very much. It is not often in today’s world that one has the chance to meet a young man who is down to earth, hard working and reliable. Brennan is a good ambassador for your company, I do hope you will mention to him how much we appreciate all the little things he did and the extra time he spent making certain we were totally satisfied with our new roof. Brennan was here on our job site alone, because his helper had a family emergency and so Brennan slaved away here for a week installing our roof. He is an honest and hard working young man and I hope Interlock is aware of the valuable asset he is.

With regards to the roof itself, I must say how happy we are that we have at last a roof over our heads that will always be there. We have replaced roofs on other homes twice and we were very disillusioned to think that in 5, 10 or 20 years we would need to do it all over again. It is awesome to know that we will never need to worry about our roof again.

A new roof most certainly increases the value of any home but that value lessens with each passing year in all other types of roofs. The life time warranty and 50 year-transferable guarantee, that Interlock Roofing provides, will allow us to maintain the equity of our investment for as long as we live! And it will always look great!

We would also like to thank Ted, for role he played in our investing in this wonderful roofing system. Thanks Ted for taking the time, for showing us what else is out there in the marketplace and for checking in on the job itself and interacting with us. So very often today, when you purchase something, you never see the sales representative again, which always leaves us wondering if our decision to purchase was a good one. As I stated before our roofer Brennan was just great but seeing Ted stopping by to ensure that the job was being done to our own high standards, was very profession and reassuring.

Thanks to Ted and Brennan.

Sincerely yours
Connie Wilson and Sandy McDougald
Duncan, BC

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