What a difference this roof makes; the whole house looks so much better now


To Whom It May Concern:

A few words to say how satisfied we are with our new roof done by Maritime Permanent Roofing What a difference this roof makes, the whole house looks so much better now. We are very pleased and impressed. Let me tell you that we have no regrets whatsoever. Before, we didn’t know what sort of roofing we wanted. Once we checked out asphalt roofing we knew that we wanted something other than that, but what? Years ago asphalt roofing was it; nowadays the price is much higher and add labour costs to it… also the material is no longer the same and so is the guarantee.

As luck or fate would have it, we went for a small drive around the neighbourhood and we happened across a roof just completed by Maritime Permanent Roofing Ltd.  Well we liked what we saw, so we called up Paul and Nancy, people we already knew for info. Well they contacted a gentleman by the  name of Ted Rector for us. In no time we heard from Ted. We found Ted very nice, reliable and professional and also a man who knows the product he sells and explains everything very clearly. What’s more, no pressure to buy.

It was a pleasure to meet you Ted Rector.  We found the whole experience with Maritime Permanent Roofing Ltd. very pleasant. Everyone was nice, polite and efficient. The installers also are very neat. Imagine no cleaning up afterwards, everything was cleaned up daily.Nothing but peace of mind which is hard to find in today’s world. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and also doing business with you.

Great team work! Thank you very much and congratulations on a job well done!!!

Yours Truly,
Marie and Louise
Saint-Thomas-de-Kent, NB

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