We are the envy of our small community

Kalama, Washington

We have been enjoying our Interlock roof for several months.  The planning, purchasing and installation experience was everything we expected it to be – superb.

The original shingles, paper, and staples were removed.  The two installers did these tasks without making a mess in the surrounding garden or the patio. 

A new waterproof barrier was laid out and the new aluminum shingles were installed. To my pleasant surprise, each one was nailed in with 2 aluminum nails. This gives me confidence that this roof is made to last and is excellent value for money.

The installers worked for 3 consecutive days until the entire roof was done. Site cleanup was done at the end of each day.  Some days the 2 installers worked beyond “regular” hours even though it must have been uncomfortable as these were unusually hot days for this area.

Now, our house is much cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder weather.  We have found it be noisier in heavy rain, but not significantly so.  I quite like feeling dry, warm and cozy inside while it is raging outside – we live on a mountain, exposed to the elements. Last year I would go out and count how many shingles had been blown off by the high winds.  I don’t need to do that anymore.

Our neighbors have given us many compliments regarding our new roof – we are the envy of our small community.

Finally, I would recommend Interlock to anyone considering a roof that lasts for many years.  The product is outstanding.

Helena Lanham-Black
Kalama, Washington

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