I have had very positive comments from my neighbors

Interlock Industries installed a new roof on my house this summer. It looks beautiful and I have had very positive comments from my neighbors. It has not been on long enough to be able to give you a well-rounded evaluation of its performance through a cold winter or a hot summer. I have had no problems so far. The snow breaks you installed worked very well over the warm spell we had this fall. It held the snow back over the walkway while snow slid off the other parts of the roof.

As you promised, the roofers were pleasant and did a fine job. The roof on my house is small but with a complicated roof line necessitating a lot of cutting and fitting. The roofers cleaned up after themselves very well considering the amount of cutting and fitting they had to do. I would recommend, however, that homeowners double-check for roofing scraps if they have pets or small children running around in the yard. I found several sharp metal cuttings in my planters this fall.

Finally, I will close with the only bad experience I had. At Interlocks request, I stored the roofing to be used for my installation. One evening I discovered that someone had torn into the roofing and taken several boxes. I felt responsible and called the police. When I called Interlock the next morning to report the theft, I was told that the roofers had taken the boxes because of a shortage at another job. Unfortunately, no one called or left a note telling us. I hope this will be corrected so other people will not have this experience.

Karol Alderman
Fairbanks, Alaska