Our biggest concern about it being noisy in the rain was taken care…You really don’t hear the rain any more than before.

My wife and I met Mike Furman at the Home Show in Foxboro this past winter. I had asked about the system in other years but got so turned off by the sales person, I never stayed to talk. This year was the first time we’ve seen Mike. We started to talk with him and were readily put at ease. We were so comfortable talking with Mike that we agreed to have him come to our home and really talk business. Mike has a wonderful way of explaining the Interlock system. Not only is he intelligent and professional, but also patient. He never talked down to us or over our heads. He was always neatly dressed but not in a stuffy business suit, someone you could relate to.

The roofing crew led by Bakha, Alex (a great craftsman!) and the rest were a pleasure to deal with. They were very polite and accommodating. They worked some very hard long hours to get the job done. They had to work around New England’s typical weather: sun, rain, hail, snow and wind. The weather delayed them a little but they were soon done with the job. They cleaned up each night before they left so we never had to worry about getting nails in our car tires.

The roof, it’s beautiful! It complements the style and design of our house. My wife said that she never really looked at our roof much before but now she stops in the driveway to admire it. Our biggest concern about it being noisy in the rain was taken care. Mike was right! you really don’t hear the rain any more than before.

About 4 years ago of friend of mine, George from Berkley, MA had gotten a metal roof. He loved it and always talked well about it. He has been answering my questions about it over the years and invited my wife and I to see it before we bought. His is the Interlock system too. Since I’ve been talking to George for the past four years about your roofing system, I believe he should be given a “finders fee.” Thank you.

Carlton and Patti Sylvia
Raynham, MA




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