I also did investigation through the Better Business Bureau

No more problems with moss and lichens, like I had with the asphalt shingles. I am extremely happy with my new Interlock Roofing System and to think it has a lifetime warranty. There have been several rainstorms that last couple of weeks and to me the metal roof had added no additional noise at all. The flat roof is also a welcomed addition. The material quality is tip-notch throughout. A flat roof will normally wear out first; however, this also comes with a lifetime warranty. I have been impressed with Interlock from my first awareness at the local home show. I also did investigation through the Better Business Bureau. During all interaction with Interlock, employees have been professional and courteous. The sales presentations were very informative. I was also able to visit half dozen houses locally that had had Interlock Roofing Systems installed. The benefits of the Interlock roof over an asphalt roof are numerous. In these days of rising energy costs and the high price of fuel, the expected energy savings are welcome. I will also be able to take advantage of the energy credit on my taxes this year. The fact that the roofing material deflects the heat versus absorbing it will make the house cooler during the summer months. Working with the installation team of Finn and Alex was a delight. The attention they gave to making sure things were done right was greatly appreciated. From the moment they arrived in the morning, till they went home at night, they were constantly working. During the installation period, there were several rainstorms. Alex and Finn always made sure they had things buttoned up before the storm started. We were lucky enough to get a couple of good days and they took advantage of them by working between 10 and 11 hours those days. If I saw anything that I did not like, it was quickly addressed or the explanation was given why it had to be done that way. The answer was always acceptable to me. They took the time to help me understand the various installation tasks. The longevity of Finn and Alex’s careers with Interlock are testimony to Interlock as a company, their product knowledge and experience levels, and work quality. I would highly recommend Interlock Industries roofs to others.

Tom Brown
Westborough, MA

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