Interlock delivers what they promise


I am writing to share how pleased I am with my Interlock Roof. When the original presentation was made, I knew I was getting a premium roof, but I had no idea the finished product would be so beautiful. I was also quite impressed with the installers. They were pleasant, respectful, conscientious, and courteous. As you may recall, my roof was one that required the old roof be removed because the original roof was wood shakes which were covered by at least 3 layers of asphalt.

Those men gave 110% each and every day of the 14 days it took them to remove the original roof, replace it with plywood, and then install the Interlock roof. Many of those days were very hot and humid, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on them. They would work from early in the morning until after 6 or 7 PM, always cleaning the yard before they left for the day. It amazed me that they were so thorough in their cleanup each day that I could have used my yard for entertaining in the evening.

I would encourage anyone with questions about whether Interlock delivers what they promise to contact me directly. I would be more than happy to answer questions by phone or in person, if someone wants to schedule a time to come by the house. Interlock stood by their commitment to insure I was satisfied with the work and end product. Choosing Interlock was a decision I’m glad I made. Thanks again!

Debra Bailey
West Hartford, CT

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