A metal roof was the best option for our needs

Chicago, Illinois


My wife recently purchased our home, and we were aware that the roof was getting close to end of life.
We researched a few different options and came across Interlock Metal Roof. After meeting with John from InterLock, it became clear to us that a metal roof was the best option for our needs. We plan to live in our home for 30+ years, and while a metal roof is more expensive than a traditional roof, it will be more than worth it over that period of time. We will never have to replace our roof again! It was also great to know that the roof could be installed over the existing shingles, reducing both the mess of the project and the waste created by the old shingles. Jesse and his crew did a great job installing the new roof, and we could not be happier with both the look and the quality of the aluminum shingles. 

We would recommend InterLock to anyone considering replacing their roof.

Thank you InterLock for a great experience and a fantastic roof!
Steve and Claire,
Chicago, IL 60630

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