Considering the amount of man hours put into the installation, I got a bargain!


John M. was the third roofing sales consultant I talked to, and I had two more scheduled. After listening to John explain all the advantages of the InterLock System and materials, I was 95% sold but I thought it might be a little out of my price range. I was going to wait and hear from the other two roofers before I made my decision. John asked me what it would take for me to make my decision right then. I told him, and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I cancelled the other two sales rep. meetings. Boy am I glad I did. Considering the amount of man hours put into the installation, I got a bargain! 

Jessie’s team worked from 8AM to 7PM for a total of 8 days to complete the installation during July 2023 ( the hottest July ever recorded ). I don’t know how they did it! Jessie answered all my questions during construction, and kept me informed of what would happen next.

Some of the asphalt shingles on parts of the roof with a low slope had to be scraped off. The majority of the roof had a steeper slope, and the new metal roof could be installed directly on top. People had warned me that metal roofs were noisy during rain or hail events. Not true! The shingles and underlayment have actually muffled the sounds that I would hear coming from my old asphalt shingle roof. The ice and water shields that were on my existing chimneys and vents were extended farther up each one. Some of the vertical siding was temporarily removed and put back so new ice and water shield could be placed on top of the water and ice shield that was already there. 

I’m 70 years old so the lifetime guarantee may not mean much, but the ability to transfer to the next owner 50 more years of protection is huge!

My wife and I are very satisfied with the quality of materials, and the outstanding installation work done by Jessie and his team. It’s too bad that the rating companies only allow a 5 star rating for the best and most outstanding companies. A company like InterLock should get at least 10 stars.

Bob & Pam A.
Deerfield, IL 60015

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