The performance of the new roof has been exceptional

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Mn 55409 Interlock Roof

To: Peter Brylinke

My Interlock Shake style system was installed in June of 2019. We have now had it for an entire year and experienced the roof through all season, climate and weather conditions. Not only do we value the new look of our roof but the performance of the new roof has been exceptional. In the winter we have seen the snow pile up on it only to slide off as soon as the sun warms it enough. We have noticed a difference in the summers also with a cooler house. The roof has met all of our expectations and we are extremely happy with our decision to install this roof.

Last summer when the workers were working on the roof, we were so pleased with the time and effort the workmen put into making sure all aspects of our roof were taken care of. They were courteous, hard working, respectful and considerate of our needs as homeowners. Carlos was instrumental in making sure that we were happy with every aspect of the work that was being done.

In closing, we are very impressed with our roof and have recommended this same system to many people we know and many people who just walk by and ask about it. We feel that we have made a great decision in putting this system on our home.

Darwin and JoAnn L.
Minneapolis, MN 55409

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