Sizeable discount on our homeowners' insurance because of the roof's resistance to fire

Roseville, Minnesota


Dear Peter,

Installing the Interlock roof on our home has completely transformed and improved our home’s appearance. The installation of the roof along with the greatly improved flashings have made a great difference. Because of that, our stucco was able to match our home so we look like new.

An improvement I didn’t expect was the change in temperature of our second floor. Usually unbearable hot on a 90-degree day. It’s now 10-15 degree cooler and livable.

We also received a sizeable discount on our homeowners’ insurance because of the roof’s resistance to fire.

We’re sure that having to “Never roof again” will help us sell our house should that be necessary.

Thank you from two satisfied customers.

Philip and Myra T.
Roseville, MN 55113

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