Ice dams in my older 1950’s house

St. Paul, Minnesota


Dear Peter,

I had Interlock Roofing install my black slate roof in the fall one year ago, and I couldn’t be happier!  My roof still looks like new, and really stands out in my neighborhood.

My old asphalt shingle roof was leaking.  I had to shovel it every time it snowed because of ice dams in my older 1950’s house.  I have had no issues at all with my new Interlock roof.  It was so nice only to have to shovel my driveway this winter and not worry about snow on the roof.  It all just slid off in only a few days after each snowfall.  Also, the team that you had out to install my roof was exceptional.  I was very impressed with the quality of the team that installed my roof.  They were all very polite and worked well together as a team.  They worked very hard, and got the job done, and completed in less than three days.  I’ve never had to have anyone come back to fix or touch anything up.

Thank you for the great job the Interlock team did to replace my roof.  I would recommend Interlock to anyone needing a new roof without hesitation!

Terry Bluhm
St. Paul, MN

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