Portland, OR — Roof Review — At the recommendation of a neighbor, we chose Interlock Roofing

Portland, OR — Roof Review — The new roof fits perfectly with the style and enhances the look of our home

Eugene, OR — Roof Review — Way better than an asphalt roof

Oregon City, OR — Roof Review — Pine needles

Salem, OR — Roof Review — Looks so much nicer than before with other metal roof

Salem, OR — Roof Review — Is a metal tile roof more expensive?

Troutdale, OR — Roof Review — We have the best looking house in the neighborhood

Portland, OR — Roof Review — We happily recommend Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems

Veneta, OR — Roof Review — One of the best investments we have made

Portland, OR — Roof Review — Roof qualifies for some energy efficiency tax rebate

Albany, OR — Roof Review — After months of research, your product stood out the most as efficient, lasting and appearance

West Linn, OR — Roof Review — We look forward to many years under our new roof

Newberg, OR — Roof Review — People walking and driving by are amazed at the difference

Damascus, OR — Roof Review — Enjoying the roof through the winter winds and rain and hail of the Pacific Northwest

Portland, OR — Roof Review — We look to receive years of permanent protection from the elements

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