Eugene, OR — Roof Review — Way better than an asphalt roof

The roof looks beautiful, way better than an asphalt roof


To Interlock,

My wife and I needed a new roof and we wanted something that would last and look great. We found an Interlock booth at our local home improvement show and saw a great product that met all our requirements. Even though the Interlock roof is expensive, I knew it would last longer than any number of regular roofs. The installers were a great bunch of guys and they did a professional installation. The roof looks beautiful, way better than an asphalt roof. Thanks, Interlock.

Before and After

This installation required 23 sqs. of Deep Charcoal Interlock Slate. We removed two layers of asphalt composition roof shingles.

WAOR-18-009 Eugene Oregon Metal Roof Side After
WAOR-18-009 Eugene Oregon Asphalt Roof Side Before

Greg & Dianne Hopkins
Eugene, OR, 97401

GuildQuality Review

Oregon City, OR — Roof Review — Pine needles and more pine needles…

Pine needles and more pine needles

Oregon City, Oregon

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Pine needles and more pine needles along with fir boughs each season covers our roof all throughout the year. We are consistently getting on the roof to blow off the needles and clean off the fir boughs. Though the job of cleaning off the roof does not take more than 3 – 4 hours, we were looking for a better way and an easier solution to our situation.

Our neighbor was in the process of getting a new roof put on; it was Interlock Roofing Systems. We asked many questions regarding their roof and the options available. Their finished roof looked great. The metal roof in the slate shingles option looked really good. They were very pleased with their roof, the installers, and the installation process.

Our sales representatives, Mike and Ross, explained the advantages of a metal roof, the benefits of Interlock Roofing and the installation process, answered all our questions and assured us that we’d be very pleased purchasing an Interlock Roof.

Peter and Victor, our installers were personable, explaining their process. We had a couple of snow and ice days prior to our scheduled date, so they had to work hard to clean off and prepare the roof. They worked very diligently in the cold and some days in the heavy rain. Our roof took a few extra days waiting for additional materials to arrive. When it was all done, February 1, 2017, our Interlock Slate shingle roof looked great. We are pleased and are looking forward to years of our beautiful featured addition to our home.

Pat and Liz
Oregon City, OR 97045

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Salem, OR — Roof Review — Looks so much nicer than before with other metal roof

The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

Salem, Oregon

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We had a metal roof already, but we wanted a nicer looking metal roof that didn’t stand out in the neighborhood.  After seeing the Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems at the Home Improvement Show, we set up an appointment.  I had already checked them out on their website, so it wasn’t whether or not we were going to do the roof, rather what style and color did we want.

Interlock kept us up to date on when they would be out here.

The installers arrived in December 2016 and in two days we had a new roof.  They were the most polite workers that we have ever had at the house.  They showed us the material they that lay down before the roof goes on it was a very thick underlayment.

No wonder our house is 5 degrees warmer and the heater doesn’t come on as much as it did before.  They did an excellent job of clean up.  You could not even tell that we had anything done outside.

A few weeks after the roof was installed Glenn Boss and his boss showed up in person to make sure that everything was right and see if we had any questions.  You do not see this level of service anywhere.

This year here in the Pacific Northwest we have gotten a record amount of rain.  With our old metal roof, it would have been really loud, but with the Interlock Roofing System, we can barely hear it. The only way that we knew it is raining is if we hear it hit the windows or we look outside and see it coming down.

We just love our new roof!  The house looks so much nicer than it did before with our other metal roof.  And we are really enjoying how much warmer our home is now.

Jeff and Marla
Salem, OR 97302

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Salem, OR — Roof Review — Is a metal tile roof more expensive?

Is a metal tile roof more expensive?

Salem, Oregon

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No more climbing around on the roof!

In the NW any roof is going to grow moss; except a metal roof. I tried zinc strips, moss killer, laundry soap, and I went up on my steep roof once or twice a year with a steel brush and a pressure washer, but it was a never-ending battle, and I wanted to retire! One neighbor’s new roof started growing moss after two years.

Another neighbor pays to have his cleaned and treated every year. Now I can look back at the problem and smile. Also, leaves and snow just slide off, and squirrels and raccoons can’t damage it. The ridge vent system is pretty cool too.

All the representatives from Interlock Roofs were impressive! The salesman was helpful, the area supervisor was amazing, and the installation crew battled with snow and ice to get the roof done with hardly a trace after the clean up (there were some small asphalt pieces hidden under the snow). They also did an excellent job of prepping the edges for the new gutters and even installed the new solar tube cap and bathroom vent, so those jobs went smoothly. The weather conditions had an impact on the schedule, but the office staff stayed in touch, so we always knew what to expect. Some questions arose between the time we contracted the job and the start, and the supervisor was here within a couple of days to answer them all.

Everyone we dealt with throughout the project was outstanding. I doubt we will have any issues with the roof, but there is a 50-year transferable warranty and a great team to back it up if any problems arise.

Is a metal tile roof more expensive? Look at the balance sheet: one roof verses four or five, an increased property value, a beautiful self-cleaning roof, more time in your life, and peace of mind or at least one less thing to worry about.

Dennis & Ann H.
Salem, OR 97306

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Troutdale, OR — Roof Review — We have the best looking house in the neighborhood

We have the best looking house in the neighborhood

Troutdale, Oregon

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To whom it may concern:

We had the Interlock Metal Roof in Tudor Brown Cedar Shingle installed in August of 2016. We researched several options regarding roof replacement and decided to go with your company. It was the best decision we ever made.

The crew was friendly fast and efficient. They explained to us every step of the replacement. They even went so far as to touch up paint where needed during the install.

When it was all said and done, we could not have been more pleased. The new Interlock roof completely changed the look of our house for the better. The new roof and a new coat of paint took a 1996 Craftsman style house and made it look like brand new construction. We have the best-looking house in the neighborhood.

We just suffered what has been one of the worst winters on record for the Pacific NW. High winds, 12 inches of snow, and freezing rain. Our new Interlock roof (pardon the pun) weathered it all fabulously. Some of our neighbors with standard roofing material didn’t fare as well.

I would recommend to ANYONE looking for a new roof to invest in an Interlock metal roof. We don’t regret our decision for an instant.

Kay and Robert Becker
Troutdale, OR 97060

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Portland, OR — Roof Review — We happily recommend Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems

We happily recommend Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems

Portland, Oregon

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Dear Sirs:

Our old roof was torn off quickly and efficiently in February by the two installers assigned to install the Interlock Roof. The weather did not cooperate with us much but the installers worked with skill when weather permitted. The yard was cleaned of all debris better than any other workers we have ever employed in the past. The roof is beautiful. We are very happy that this is the last roof we will have. In the past year, we have observed at least two houses in our area that, apparently, have very astute owners who have installed an Interlock Roof. We happily recommend Interlock lifetime Roofing Systems.

Tina and William L.
Portland, OR 97202

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One of the best investments we have made

Veneta, Oregon

Dear Glenn,

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy we are with our new Interlock Roof.  From working with you, in the beginning, the installation and not having to worry about a leaky roof ever again makes this one of the best investments we have made.

We especially enjoyed working with your people.  Angela in your office was such a pleasure to talk with, keeping us up to date on when we could expect the installation to begin.  The installation crew ( Peter, Art and Victor ) were very professional and so good about keeping the work area clean and worked around a barbecue we had planned with our neighbors.

One of our initial concerns with a metal roof was what the noise level would be.  Well after all the rain that we have had in Oregon we have to say that we think it is quieter that our old roof.  Also, it is much more attractive than an asphalt roof.

My wife and I are happy to have worked with you and will highly recommend you to anyone that needs to have a new roof on their home.  
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Jim and Sheryl N.
Veneta, Oregon

Roof qualifies for some energy efficiency tax rebate

Portland, Oregon

I really like the roof I have on my house.  It really stands out as a nice roof in my modest neighborhood.  I went with Interlock because the company uses the thickest gauge aluminum, has one of the best roof warranties, easy to maintain, is lead-free for future rainwater collection, and offered standing seam for my solar array installation.

An added benefit is that the roof qualifies for some energy efficiency tax rebate.  Interlock sales and HQ people worked with me when I went back and forth on getting a tubular skylight.  When I did decide to get my own SolaTube, they charged me a fair price for installation.

The work crew guys were pleasant.  They brought extra material to my house.  When I saw something I didn’t like, they replaced it without hesitation.  I asked, and they said that they only do Interlock installations. One of they guys started eating a weed that was growing in my yard which I had been trying to identify for months.  He told me the name and it was in one of my favored plant species, sorrel!  What serendipity!  To top it off, when I notified them that the natural gas guy inspected my venting and said to change it, the repairman came down and fixed it for me.  No charge no hassles!  I sure hope that my next 50 years with Interlock are as smooth as the first!

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Kristin H
Portland, Oregon


To an Amazing Company

Albany, Oregon

Mike and I discussed many types of roofing to apply to our home. After months of research, your product stood out the most as efficient, lasting and appearance. We then started shopping around by attending home shows and siding companies to give us estimates.

Your company made a commitment to look at our home and assess the cost of applying your product. Only one other company out of four made the same commitment. Your company representatives arrived on time and were prepared to explain your product in depth to us.  No other company that we contacted followed through on their appointments.

After we agreed to the cost and time frame for the installation we were kept informed of the progress to have the new roof installed. We are very impressed with the office staff your sales team has behind them.

The installation crew was very polite and efficient. They were tidy and friendly. They made all other contractors look shabby in comparison.

The roof is and looks amazing. We get compliments on it all the time. We had a small rain storm and both of us went out to watch the water stream off of the roof and into the gutters just because it was so beautiful.

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Ever grateful for your product,
Mike and Maelette M.
Albany, Oregon

We look forward to many years under our new roof

West Linn Roof Review

Thank you Interlock Roofing for providing such a quality product and installation from which we will receive years of permanent protection from the elements. The job went smoothly. The crew showed up early and stayed late, answered all our questions, leaving a clean job site at the end of each day. The attention to detail was impressive. The house was a complex roof with skylights, vents and a masonry chimney. The quality and design of all the types of flashing’s, ridge vent, and fasteners were quite impressive and were expertly installed. The hardworking crew was attentive and stayed late when a rain storm was expected to ensure we were water tight. This diligent crew was the best representative Interlock can have.

From the initial contact at the Home and Garden Show in Portland to the visit from the Interlock Representatives to explain the product and show us the options, the experience was enjoyable and fun. One does not expect such friendliness when dealing with a larger company.

We look forward to many years under our new roof.

Frank and Karen W
West Linn, OR