The roof qualified for federal energy credits and meets “Energy Star” ratings, so I saved money on taxes

Portsmouth, Rhode Island


It has been a year since I had my Interlock roof installed and I have meant to write this letter. I am glad I waited because I discovered additional advantages to the roof system by Interlock. I initially was impressed by the planning. Mr. Baldassari explained roof, brought samples, how it would be installed on my house and interface with existing gutters. He also provided local addresses of Interlock roofs that I could view which was very helpful.  During the planning process, he recommended changes I may not have thought of but would eliminate future costs and problems.  In my case, he recommended the replacement of several failing skylights which I would purchase but be installed at no charge.

The job went smoothly. The crew showed up early and stayed late, answered all my questions, leaving a clean, organized job site at the end of each day. The attention to detail was impressive. The house was a complex roof with several skylights, vents, and a masonry chimney. There was also a large barn and outbuilding, Demetri, one of the crew, reinstalled a large weathervane on the barn assuring me if he installed it, it would never come off. I was happy with the roof install.

Since the install, I have found additional benefits.  Because my roof had not failed completely the Interlock roof was able to be installed over the existing roof eliminating the cost of strip off and keeping all the asphalt shingles out of the landfill. I also reduced my insurance risk; one of the considerations was the high wind rating. I live in a hurricane high wind zone for insurance coverage. The deductible was about equal to a new asphalt roof if I put a new conventional roof on replacement cost is not covered, and they prorate it and give you even less as the roof ages, so you basically have no roof insurance. I feel I do not have that problem now with the Interlock roof due to the high wind rating and warranty. I have just retired, and this gives me a great piece of mind, a lifetime durable roof.  I also lowered my insurance cost as now all buildings have a class “A” fire rating on the roof. The roof qualified for federal energy credits and meets “Energy Star” ratings, so I saved money on taxes.  My energy costs are lower; the roof reflects summer heat keeping the attic cooler reducing air conditioning costs. My attic is vented to outside and uninsulated, so there is no advantage to heating. This roof also eliminates ice dams due to its design, and while many homes had ice dams and water damage to the interior of the house last winter, I had no formation of ice dams and no damage at all, an unexpected bonus. I do not notice any noise from rain or weather an initial concern I had.  I live on a busy street and have people stop to compliment on the roof (aged copper) and get information which I am happy to give.  I have a more beautiful home, peace of mind, and will never have to re-roof.

David R.
Portsmouth, RI

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