"No Worries" in Bremerton

Bremerton, Washington


“No Worries”, may be an “in” thing to say now days, but for us it is a reality for the next 50 years!  This summer, we didn’t worry about the bottle rockets landing on our roof.  This fall, we won’t worry about the shingles blowing off in the next 60 plus mile an hour wind.  This winter we won’t worry about the snow.  And in the spring, we won’t worry about the moss growing on on our roof.  If you are thinking you want a roof like ours, no worries about the salesman pressuring  into something you don’t want.  They were very professional and nice.  Everything they promised was delivered exactly as they promised.  You will also have no worries when it comes to the installation, as they too were very professional and left the yard just as they had found it. No worries also when it comes to our carbon footprint, as our existing roof is still on our roof and not in a landfill and when the day comes to replace this roof it is recyclable. They really should rename the Interlock Roofing to No Worries Roofing.

“No Worries” in Bremerton

Harold and Martha Stennett
Bremerton, WA

Guildquality Review
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