The roof immediately changed the look of our house

Shoreline, Washington


To all at Interlock Roofing,

We have owned our home for 2 years, and have needed a new roof since the day we moved in. Both of us were hesitant to just get a new shingle roof as we are planning to stay in this home for many years to come.

As we researched other roofing alternatives, we found information about Interlock Roofing and their metal roofs. The sales representatives were prompt and very kind, allowing us time to make our decision while giving us detailed information to help guide us in our decision making process.

We had the pleasure of getting an aluminum roof installed by Interlock Roofing in March 2016. The roof immediately changed the look of our house, making it look much newer and brighter. We were getting compliments the day it was installed!  The roofing crew was very polite and friendly, they even took time to play with our dog (who loves people with a passion). After the crew left, you wouldn’t have known we had the roof installed that very day, they did such a good job cleaning up!

We have had our new roof for about 4 months now, and we could not be happier.

Thank you Interlock Roofing!

Addina and Albert J.
Shoreline, WA

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