Worth every penny as you never have to re-shingle again

Burlington, Wisconsin


We have been do-it-yourselfer homeowners our whole lives. We are very handy and capable when it comes to home improvements and appreciate craftsmanship and quality.

And that’s what Interlock Lifetime Roofing Systems provided us with our roof. Craftsmanship and quality. Plus, durability, beauty, and experience from a company that manufactures and certify install its own product. That is something, a company that makes its own product, that was very important to us, and no other company in our market offered that, except Interlock.

Another thing that was important was we didn’t want to have to deal with rust because many steel metal roofs look good new but look old and hideous down the road because of fading and rusting. Interlock is aluminum. So, it won’t rust and it achieves and exceeds the highest rating of hail resistance. So, it’s like we said earlier – super durable!

Jessie and his crew were super, and hard working. We were amazed by their work ethic. That’s something that’s becoming rare nowadays.

Also, we were told by a competitor that Greg Weber and Interlock would be high pressure. That was the furthest thing from the truth. Greg was polite, personable, knowledgeable, and helped us sift through the “lesser quality, cheaper installation, sales gimmicky and overly aggressive” competitors. He provided us with a detailed range of the competition by laying out all the variables so we could make an intelligent comparison and decision. Greg helped save us a lot of time from all the other companies in our market selling what everyone else is selling, or just selling stuff, and making promises they can’t keep.

All the asphalt guys want you to believe that their products will last, and all the steel companies want you to believe their products won’t rust, and everybody knows…That’s Just Not True! Interlock has proven itself for over 4 decades. That’s Impressive. That’s why we went with them, Jessie, and Greg.

Michael and Rhonda S.
Burlington, WI 53105

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