If I had to install a roof again, there would be no question that I would go with Interlock Roofing again

Delafield, Wisconsin


I want to share my experience about getting a new roof with Interlock Roofing.  I purchased a house with the knowledge that a new roof was needed.  The idea of an expensive reoccurring expense on anywhere from a 15 to 25 year time period was unsettling.  After purchasing my townhouse, one of my goals was to make my house as maintenance free as possible with the knowledge that in the future the home may not be owner occupied.  After I had Greg Webber come out and give me an estimate I took a bit of time to do research, look at quite a few homes with different styles and colors.  As an engineer, I was impressed with the material and the commitment that Interlock has to stand by not only the product but also the installation.  The thought of my roof either maintaining or appreciating in value over time put my mind at ease looking forward to the future.  After deciding to move forward with Interlock, the decision was what color and style.  This is was maybe the most difficult part of the decision and am thankful of Greg and the patience had with me.  I was able to find a time that would be feasible for Greg and another family member to finalize the color and style.  I went with the slate and the weathered gray which ended up matching well with the front of the house which has white and gray in the brick and did not contrast to sharp with the tan of the siding.

Due to the original construction of my house, there were some concerns that I had with the roof and the install.  When the house was originally constructed, there was only roof vents on one side for ventilation, also I wanted to remove the Satellite dish that was installed on the chimney and last but not least the flashing around the chimney was incorrect and did not have a kick out to drain the water into the gutters and therefore I drained into my garage instead.  Jesse did a terrific job of the install and addressed all of the issues of the original construction and couldn’t be any happier.

Since completion, I have received numerous compliments from neighbors and friends.  If I had to install a roof again, there would be no question that I would go with Interlock Roofing again.

Steve R.
Delafield, WI

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