Our Interlock roof is very silent

Franklin, Wisconsin


Installation was super smooth. Every installer was courteous and professional. We get lots of compliments and people stop by all the time to admire it. One of the biggest misconceptions about metal roofing is people think it’s loud. Our Interlock roof is very silent. The only way I know if it’s raining is if I look out a window. Also, the snow just slides off. We are also in a wind tunnel area and we have never lost an Interlock shingle, and we have had the roof for many years. 

We were so pleased with our Interlock roof that we put the same roof on our lake home in northern Wisconsin. We get a lot more snow up there and the Interlock’s snow shedding performance capabilities are second to none on that roof, too!

Debra M.
Franklin, WI 53132

Guildquality Review
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