The service was exceptional

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Our experience having our Interlock roof installed was exceptional. It was installed during the hottest days of the year, and none of our neighbors could believe the installers were working so hard during the hot, muggy weather. They finished several days ahead of schedule, and left the yard clean and neat, even after a complete tear-off of three layers of roofing.

One day during the installation, we had a rain storm, and the installers all took shelter in their vehicles. I noticed that we had a leak in a spot that had clearly had leaks before we bought the house. When I pointed it out to the installers, they went up the ladder in the pouring rain, found the cause of the problem (which, again, was a pre-existing problem, not one due to the Interlock installation) and fixed it on the spot. The service was exceptional.

David & Karen E.
Milwaukee, WI

Guildquality Review
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