Composition shingles are an inexpensive option for your home in the short term. However the need to re-roof over time can make this an expensive option over time.

Clay tile and slate looks beautiful and can provide your home with a traditional and classic appearance, but the initial expense and fragility of this product can make this choice more expensive then just the initial investment. The heavy weight of this material adds some concern of structural safety in the event of an earthquake or fire.

Wood shingle and shake will give your home a natural appearance. In some areas wood is no longer allowed due to the danger of wildfires spreading among neighborhoods. With the product being produced today out of second growth wood, it is more susceptible to becoming brittle and shrinking then the wood shingles and shakes of years ago.

Metal roofing can provide your home with the look of any other common roofing material. The initial expense of installing this product on your home is quickly realized as a solid investment, as this product eliminates the need for future re-roofing and maintenance. And, modern metal roofing systems retain their appearance and color for decades.

Aluminum roofing is an environmentally sound choice, since it reduces the homeowners’ environmental footprint. This is due to the fact that aluminum roofing is made from recycled products, and can be totally recycled again and again, causing no further environmental waste. Landfills are therefore spared the huge waste that comes with the disposal of temporary roofing materials.

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