Our old asphalt shingles were showing the effects of time both aesthetically and functionally


I am writing to tell you how much my wife and I are satisfied with our new roof from Interlock Roofing. Our old asphalt shingles were showing the effects of time both aesthetically and functionally. Most noticeably was the water mark on the living room ceiling that just kept growing with each passing rain. We certainly weren’t looking forward to buying a new roof, since we were still paying for our wedding six months before, but knew we had to do something soon. I mentioned to Dawn that I had heard metal roofs were becoming popular because of how long they last; but she was concerned our home would look like a fast food restaurant, a factory, or even worse a tin roof barn. She made it clear that a modern looking metal roof would ruin the look of our 1860s vintage home. I said I thought I had seen a couple of years ago a house that was done with what I thought the sign said was metal but looked like shingles instead of ridged sheets she pictured. The problem was I couldn’t remember the name of the roofer – just that they had an orange sign.

A friend of our mentioned there was a Home Show coming up in Worchester and we figured it would be fun to look around and dream about improvements we could make. As we walked the aisles, I saw your familiar orange sign and product display booth. I said to Dawn look at this! This looks really nice – it looks just like slate! Wouldn’t that look really great on our house! Two weeks later, you explained what made Interlock Roofing different from other materials and the lifetime warranty helped us feel confident in making what was for us a major purchase decision. Although an Interlock roof might cost more initially, we think it is well worth it knowing we will never have to buy another roof for this home again.

Your company and crews are great! A representative called to let us know materials were being delivered and when they arrived they were neatly stored out of the way until the work began. A supervisor called to let us know when the work would begin, and except for two days of rain which delayed their start, the job was completed within the estimated three days. At the end of each day, they cleaned up after themselves and when the job was competed they raked up any pieces that may have been missed in the grass. The completed roof looks great and enhances the appearance of our home. We have had many people stop and compliment us on it and at least one had already installed an Interlock roof of their own.

Should we ever move from this home in the future, one of the features we will look for is an Interlock roof or plan on upgrading to one in our new home as well.

Sincerely Yours,
Bryan Brandriff
Eastford, CT

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