The material is most appropriate for a house of this vintage


Dear Interlock:

I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with my new Interlock roof. The dark red color complements the historic features of this 1870 house, and the material is most appropriate for a house of this vintage.

I also want you to know how pleased I am with the job that the installer did. The foreman. Rick Ortiz, and his workers, Wilden Perez, Juan Carlos Cordero, and Ruben Alvarenda, were a pleasure to work with. I didn’t realize until I watched them work how complicated my roof is, with all its intersecting dormers, porches, hidden valleys and bay windows. They worked very skillfully and carefully to waterproof all these vulnerable edges, and did an excellent job. They were especially neat, cleaning up each day and overall at the end.

Thank you Interlock for a great job!

With Best Regards,
Toni A. Gold
Urban Edge Associates
Hartford, CT

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At first we were skeptical about an aluminum roof


We want to thank Interlock for the beautiful roof that now sits atop our home. At first we were skeptical about an aluminum roof and how it would look. We feared an industrial or factory type appearance, but the total opposite took place. The Interlock roof has without a doubt improved the aesthetic appearance of our home overall. We have received nothing but compliments from neighbors on our choice of an Interlock roof. The color of the roof matches well with our homes wood siding.

We also just had several major snowstorms and most of the snow just slid right off the Interlock roof. That put our minds at ease as to the weight and stress all that snow would cause a roof in the long rim. There was also a major storm soon after the Interlock roof was installed dumping numerous inches of rain on us at once and causing a small amount of flooding in the area. As we hoped not a leak anywhere as we have always suffered with from asphalt tile type roofs. Not even a drop of rain came through the skylight windows we have. The installer did an excellent job weatherproofing them. Which by the way the Interlock Roofer was very professional, never got in our way, cleaned up all the excess, and wasted no time in getting the roof up in a few days.

The biggest plus is the Lifetime Guarantee. Where are you going to find a Roofer that will give you that? Where are you going to find a Roofer that will let you Finance the cost or make payments to him over the years? Interlock does both, not to mention the price of the Interlock roof was more than reasonable in cost to us. Everything that our Salesman Mr. Doyle told us about the Interlock roof has so far been true and we are very satisfied in our decision to place an Interlock roof over our home.

James & Marilyn Joyce
New Fairfield, CT

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Interlock delivers what they promise


I am writing to share how pleased I am with my Interlock Roof. When the original presentation was made, I knew I was getting a premium roof, but I had no idea the finished product would be so beautiful. I was also quite impressed with the installers. They were pleasant, respectful, conscientious, and courteous. As you may recall, my roof was one that required the old roof be removed because the original roof was wood shakes which were covered by at least 3 layers of asphalt.

Those men gave 110% each and every day of the 14 days it took them to remove the original roof, replace it with plywood, and then install the Interlock roof. Many of those days were very hot and humid, but that didn’t seem to have any effect on them. They would work from early in the morning until after 6 or 7 PM, always cleaning the yard before they left for the day. It amazed me that they were so thorough in their cleanup each day that I could have used my yard for entertaining in the evening.

I would encourage anyone with questions about whether Interlock delivers what they promise to contact me directly. I would be more than happy to answer questions by phone or in person, if someone wants to schedule a time to come by the house. Interlock stood by their commitment to insure I was satisfied with the work and end product. Choosing Interlock was a decision I’m glad I made. Thanks again!

Debra Bailey
West Hartford, CT

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5 inches of rain on our new roof


Our Interlock roof installation was completed this past week. Several days after the installation was completed we endured a period of rainy days that dumped over 5 inches of rain on our new roof.

Under this extraordinary onslaught we have seen no leaks or other problems.

The installer was Alex, his work ethics were beyond reproach and we were impressed that one man could do a large job like this in such a timely fashion. Alex cleaned up the job site thoroughly at the end of each day, which we greatly appreciated.

Your sales representative, Gerald Matta was through and professional. He gave us the information we felt we needed to make this important decision without undue sales pressure.

Please feel free to bring any potential customers by to see the excellent job your company did. We will be pleased to talk with them.

Sincerely yours,
Errol and Theresa Groff
Preston, CT

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One of the smartest investments that we could have ever made


To whom it may concern;

Several months ago we decided to have a new roof installed on our home. After comparing many different types of roofing materials, the decision was made to use the aluminum roofing system that Interlock presented to us. After several months I can say that the right decision was made. The new roof looks as great today as when it was installed. We have noticed our cooling costs in the summer as well as our heating costs in the winter have been greatly lowered. From the first day the roof was installed, numerous individuals have stopped to compliment and inquire of the roof. The one main concerns seems to be that of most that stop by to inquire of the roof – the noise level when it rains, with aluminum it must be terribly loud in the house, right? I tell them all the same thing. There can be a down pour going on outside and the only way I would know is if someone opened the door.

Putting the Interlock Roofing System on our home was one of the smartest investments that we could have ever made. We not only have a roof that will look great for many years to come, we are also saving money each month on everything from gas and electric to homeowners insurance, and our home is now classified as energy efficient which means that there are more discounts to come for many years. But to me, just knowing that in twelve years I will not find myself looking up at the roof and cringing thinking that it is time for a new roof already, because I know it will look as great then as it does today.

Sincerely yours,
Tracy Pritchett & Matthew Tedone
Oakdale, CT

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