I was in the need for a new roof on my old home which was built in 1876


Dear Interlock Roofing

Last summer I realized I was in the need for a new roof on my old home which was built in 1876. I was hoping I could find a roof that accentuated the uniqueness and beauty of my old farm style house. I always dreamed of owning a home with a metal roof so I thought, well, let’s give this a look and see if it is an option. After searching roofers and making some calls I found no one in my area offering metal roofs, needless to say I became discouraged. Then, one day, on Facebook I happened to see an ad with Midwest Roofing/Interlock Roofing showing the exact type of roof I was looking for!! I was so excited and called the number and was able to have an appointment arranged that very weekend. John came out, did some measuring, got up in my attic, then we sat and had a long very informative discussion. John was extremely patient with my numerous questions and was able to explain things to me in layman’s terms as I am not adept in the construction business, at all.

So, the nitty gritty…I was originally thinking standing seam going into this whole project but then out came the slate look and oh my oh my, that was it…THE roof I had been looking for. It was exactly what needed to be on top of my house!!! And the black color just spoke to me….John agreed!! Nowhere else had I ever seen a roof like the one I was about to have put on my beloved home. So, the price, while I knew a metal roof was going to cost more, I was looking more for security and peace of mine. I am a single parent of a child on the autism spectrum. I knew that I did not want to deal with roof issues in the future, the struggle to get a roofer to come fix their problem, the thought of having to replace it all over again just a few years down the road. Nope, the extra cost of this one and done roof, was well worth it to me…after all how do you put a price tag on peace of mind? And there aren’t many things in this world nowadays that can give you that. So, I signed the contract…

The delivery….how exciting…all these boxes lined up in my driveway…it was getting real!!

Installation begins. Never in my lifetime have I met such an amazing installation crew, headed by Jesse. These guys worked tirelessly on transforming my average looking home into the WOW home on the block. They took great care in working around my cupola and rock chimney, making sure everything was sealed where it needed to be, even reinforcing the cupola as it had been up there for so many years. These guys are not just installers, they are truly artists and the pride in what they do shines in their workmanship. Even the care in the cleanup was amazing…very impressed.

Any company can put out an amazing product, but for that product to remain amazing, that company has to have the professional team members working with the customers…that is what you will get if you go with Interlock. Not just a stand out product but a stand out crew from sales, scheduling, and install…it’s the whole package.

Megan R.
Woodstock, IL

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