I know now from my own experience why my friends strongly recommended Interlock

Southwest Harbor, Maine


Dear Mike,

I want to thank you and the Interlock Industries team for your attentive collaboration on the installation of an Interlock roof on my barn. I appreciate your investment in driving to my home to discuss the roof in person. It was critical to my understanding of the options and the quality of your product.

After the contract was agreed to, Jennifer was diligent in keeping me informed of the progress securing the materials, scheduling the installation, and arranging for the delivery and removal of the dumpster.

The Install team worked efficiently removing the existing roof materials and installing the new. They were conscientious in removing waste materials and also in cleaning up the materials that fell inside the barn during the nailing of the new roof material. I believe they accomplished their tasks in less than twenty-four hours.

I know now from my own experience why my friends strongly recommended Interlock, because they, too, had previously had such a positive experience.

Needless to say, I am delighted today to receive the refund check for the cost of plywood that didn’t need to be installed.

Thank you, again, for your customer service. Please share my positive comments with Jennifer and the install team.

Southwest Harbor, ME 04679

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