We intentionally waited almost two years to write a review


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To Potential Interlock Customer:

We intentionally waited almost two years to write a review (roof replaced in August 2019). Replacing a roof (whether asphalt or Interlock) is an expensive project, and we felt it was important to have the perspective of someone who has experience with the Interlock roof for 2 years.

Our house is an old colonial built in about 1890. It is almost 3200 square feet with an attic that could be converted to a third floor. We also have an L-shaped wrap-around porch at the front of the house. I am very familiar with the effort it takes to replace a roof, as I have helped re-roof five different houses, including my own. I did this with the help of several friends, putting a layer of asphalt shingles on my house about 20 years ago. However, after 20 years, I had shingles beginning to fail and lost a couple during wind storms. I had a couple of asphalt shingle contractors look at the house for an estimate. One never provided a quote. The second refused the work because my house is 34 feet at the peak, and he felt it was too tall for him to work on.

Michael Baldarassi came to our house in June 2019. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the construction of old houses and correctly identified that the gable ends would need repair as it was common to not fully extend roof boards to the gable end. He explained the product extremely well, and we were happy to choose the black, slate-looking tiles for our roof.

The work team started in the second week of August on a bright sunny, hot week. My roof needed to be stripped to the boards, and I was amazed at how quickly they dealt with the very hot asphalt shingles. It is an extremely hard-working team, and it was to the point that I wanted to tell them to take breaks. Sheets of plywood were carried up to the roof, gable ends were repaired, and several spots needed repair prior to installing the Interlock shingles. They did an excellent installation, along with cleanup and the weather-supported completion in 5 days. We immediately started receiving compliments from townspeople who thought we were having a slate roof put on. The roof definitely adds appeal to our house.

Our experience with the Interlock roof has been outstanding. I no longer worry during the strong winds of winter. Having the snow slide off the roof has been a big benefit. Our first snowstorm in December 2019 was 20 inches. It was predicted to be followed by rain four days later. For the past 20 years, I have had to go out onto the wrap-around porch roof to shovel it off so that the 20 inches of snow with rain on it wouldn’t overload the porch. Not with Interlock. The snow had slid off during the snowstorm and before the rain, so no more shovelling the roof. I love not having to stand on a snowy roof shovelling anymore.

Having the snow slide off has other benefits. It removed tons of weight from the snow on the roof. That snow weight does nothing good for a house. I used to have minor changes in door fitting, etc., during the winter, but that has stopped because the snow weight on the roof is gone. Additionally, no snow on the roof means no icicles. As one side of my house faces the sun all day, there are winters where if it is 10F and sunny for several days, massive icicles form that weigh hundreds of pounds. These become dangerous when they unexpectedly drop. Icicles do not happen when there is no snow on the roof.

Our Interlock roof has been a fantastic choice, and it has added to the value of our house. One day when we sell our house, I have no doubt that our Interlock roof will help to attract a buyer, and the price of the roof will likely be recouped in part or all. What is a big question a potential homebuyer has? – how old is the roof? Being able to answer with a 50-year warranty that can be transferred to one buyer will bring a lot of weight to the sale. The warranty gives us peace of mind that the roof will never worry us again. Thank you again, Interlock.

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Wayne Martin
York, ME

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