The roof is beautiful and eye-popping


We have not had one minute of rest since the installation of our Interlock Roof System was finished. Our home is on a busy main road. Friends and people have not stopped complimenting and questioning us about it. The roof is beautiful and eye-popping.

On a more practical level, we felt we needed more than what a regular asphalt roof could offer. The back of our house does not get much sun in the winter. This can and does cause snow and ice accumulation problems when the conditions are right. The results are ice dams and leaking. The rest of the year, it causes moss and lichen to grow. These issues, combined with the fact that it was time for a new roof, led us to the Interlock system.

While it is springtime, we feel confident that our Interlock roof will perform as expected. It is a premium roof that offers much more than good looks.

Ken and Carolyn Paquette
Bradford, MA

Guildquality Review