He is a master craftsman. There is no other way to describe the quality of his work


We recently had a metal shingle roof installed by Interlock Roofing from Waltham, MA. The company coordinated the delivery of materials and dumpster pick-up. The work crew treated our home and belongings with consideration and respect. I happened to come home while one gentleman cleared the furniture and plants (there were many) from the deck. He moved our tomato plants one at a time as though they were very valuable to him.

They worked very hard at our home for four days, two of which were twelve-hour days for them. This was the direct result of the work ethic of Baha, the crew chief. He was fabulous. They worked Saturday and Sunday, which happened to be Father’s Day, in the rain to finish our roof in the time frame they initially told us. He checked in with us frequently for feedback, and we developed quite a rapport. He is a master craftsman. There is no other way to describe the quality of his work. He was concerned that every shingle is the best. He hand-shaped many of them, and it shows. He improved the original plan for the placement of snow guards. The roof is extremely well done, and we are proud of it and the people who did it.

We expected our yard to be a mess when the roof was finished. There was no mess. None of our perennials were damaged, and we have several next to the house. One man used a magnet to pick up the nails on the ground from removing the old roof. Baha even had one of his men push the materials in the dumpster down so that it would look as nice as possible for the twelve hours it sat full in our yard.

Dave and Jo-Ann Whiting
Waltham, MA

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