This new roof has put our concerns about water damage to rest


Kathy and I would like to express our thanks to you and the installation men from INTERLOCK for installing a very attractive roof that has already elicited praise and accolades from our neighbors. We have already seen the benefits of the INTERLOCK system with all of the snow that has fallen in recent weeks. As described in your marketing materials: it just slides right off.

This new roof has put our concerns about water damage to rest since we invested a considerable amount to have five rooms of our home renovated in August-September 2002. We like to think of this new roof as the “icing on the cake.” We hope to direct our neighbors in your direction in the near future when they decide they, too, would like to add the same impressive roofing structure to their home’s value.

Finally, we would like to give a special thank you to the installation team for installing our roof under less than perfect weather conditions. February 2003 had its share of record amounts of snow and cold weather, and your team was unfazed by these extremes. They completed the task in two weeks and never rushed the job. It is truly a testament that you have dedicated staff that strives to deliver on Interlock’s mission statement. BRAVO!

Kevin and Kathleen Arvisais
Attleboro, MA

Guildquality Review