The Installation Crew Was Amazing


Dear Interlock,

We are very pleased with the roofing system that we purchased from you.

I have been involved in several construction projects, both commercial & residential and have never witnessed work done so quickly. The installation crew was amazing, they were fast, hard working and neat. it rained, and they did not stop working. During the install, people were stopping, just to watch, and to ask about the roof. They all were impressed.

We still have people that stop and knock on the door to inquire about the roof. a man stopped earlier this week, interested in your roofing system… he should be contacting you. We have been through one winter with the new roof, needless to say… we have not needed to hire anyone to remove the snow from the roof as it slides off effortlessly.

We have recommended your product to people, and should we need a new roof for any of our properties, we would call you again.


Landra S. L.
Lancaster, NH

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