No more ice dam on my low slope roof


Somersworth NH install. Great group of workers. They had the foreman check all work after. They are easy to contact, the price was ok, it’s not asphalt, and you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a price like an asphalt roof. I liked heavy gauge aluminum over those coated steel roofs. They can rust over time. Aluminum does not rust. I had it for over 1 year, with no issues, no leaks, snow falls good, and no more ice dam on my low slope roof. I even climbed up there to seal a few hairline cracks in my chimney mortar. Nice and durable. It’s worth it in the long run. The only thing I would recommend is please attach the siding near eaves security. Because as they insert flashing, they may need to pull out a few areas and nail them back. Just pay attention. There was one little loose area that was nailed in on my siding but needed to be locked in from the bottom. Overall great company, I do; the roof was secure, no loose shingles or flops. I highly recommend this company. I think the two areas near the eave of siding were done ok; they just needed the final touch. And it wasn’t even roof related. And the small siding area lasted a year till I had a heavy windstorm. I replaced that small area, and since ok. Just to be clear, my siding is older; it locks in differently. Don’t get the impression that they leave things floppy. Just have them check and pull on and areas they removed siding at the end.

Service: Roof installation

Ravi M.
Somersworth, NH

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