The warranty canā€™t be beat


Interlock replaced our old shake roof, which was leaking. It was not more than 13 years old. In life you get what your pay for. I went on line and looked at the choices, and it was clear to me that that Interlock was the best choice for our home. I called them right after I did my research.

Where I come from, quality is the most important thing when you are looking to buy a new product, especially something as important as a roof. We were really unhappy with our last roof, and wanted to get it done right this time, to last for a lifetime. I can’t say anything bad about it. We love the roof, and the installation was great. The warranty canā€™t be beat.

Ross was a great company rep. I did not worry in the least about the price we paid, I don’t want to do the roof again. The neighbors keep asking us about the roof. I keep telling them, don’t think of anything else but Interlock. We’ll see a few more Interlock roofs in this neighborhood by the time I am done telling everyone about the company and the roof.

Submitted by homeowner
Sammamish, WA

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