Installations done all year round!

My husband and I knew we were going to need a new roof in the near future and we were leaning toward steel roofs. While at the Minnesota State Fair, there was a booth for Interlock roofing. I picked up the brochure not thinking much of it. A major storm hit Northern Wisconsin shortly after. This one was intense, a tangled mess of trees and power lines. Between the 11″ of rain and hail the size of nickels that beat down on our older roof, it was clear we needed to start the search for a roof sooner than later. The asphalt roof granules covered our decks and ground! Interlock Industries were the first company I called after talking to my insurance company. The sales person answered right away, we scheduled an appointment only a couple days later. Interlock offered free estimates! In the mean time I called other steel roofing companies out of Northern Wisconsin. It took days to get a response, the customer service was lacking. After getting our estimate from Interlock and learning about the aluminum roofing shingles, we knew it was the best choice and the best investment for our newly purchased home. The product, warranty, and customer service was all top notch. With the winter season soon approaching, we asked if the company would still install during winter. They said they install all year. It would be a 6-8 week waiting period. In the mean time, I got a call from British Columbia following up with the process, the estimate of the start of the project, and if I had any more questions. Once again, we were so surprised by the great customer service. The building supervisor, Al called me a few days before delivery to see where it could be placed and Al came up to WI to make sure everything was there. He asked where the dumpster should be set, and said they will begin roofing the first week of December! Yikes, we just go dumped on with snow, Monday had below zero temps, thank goodness it warmed up for Alex and his crew! I asked Alex to check the integrity of the roof sheathing. While I was at work, he took pictures of the progress of the roof and showed me that the sheathing looked brand new and there was no damage. He answered all my questions and showed me pictures of what was being done. I kept the coffee pot full of coffee in our heated garage and supplied a microwave! I was so thankful that the crew was doing such a great job in the cold and snowy weather conditions, a heated garage and hot coffee was the least I could do! The roof was completed in 4 days and it looks awesome! Now it was just a waiting game for a snow to come and we could see the shingles and snow guards at work. It was quite scary hearing the snow fall off the roof for the first time, but it was well worth it, not to have to shovel our steep roof. The roof has already been put to the test; we’ve had heavy rain, winds and hail twice! It looks as good as it did on day one.

Very truly,
Andrew M.
Hayward, WI

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