Problems With Your Asphalt Shingles?

What Is Your Plan of Action?

Traditional roof materials only last so long, despite what their warranty says, hence the frustrations that many homeowners experience. 

If you see signs of roof deterioration, then you need to take action.

Asphalt Shingle Problems

Old Bad Curling Roof Shingles

My Shingles are Curling. What Should I Do?

Asphalt shingles can curl because of: 

  • “Mold”
  • Roofing new shingles over old shingles
  • Poor installation
  • Shingles not lined up
  • Age

Get them replaced sooner rather than later. If you don’t, it can lead to possible water damage inside your home.

Old Shingle Roof

My Shingles are Cracked or Split

Cracking or Splitting is caused by: 

  • Harsh weather (hot or cold climate, or even hail
  • Organic debris or growth (algae)
  • Poor installation
  • Poor maintenance (gutters, debris)
  • Building/Home humidity

Get them looked at and replaced as soon as you can. With their protection gone, you are leaving your house open to damage from weather, which can lead to a bigger (and more expensive) problem.

Missing Roof Shingles

I Have Missing Shingles!

From Weather or Poor Installation: 

  • Strong wind or rain
  • Age
  • Deterioration of the material, sealant or fasteners (nails etc.)

According to some, you could replace with single shingles or a different material, but realistically this is only going to be a temporary fix. You should be concerned about future missing shingles, and if that fix is going to protect your home from moisture getting underneath.

Granules Are Coming Off My Shingles

The Granules are Coming Off My Shingles

Granules are necessary to help shingles protect from UV rays and give some fire protection. Granule loss can come from: 

  • Normal wear
  • Wind, rain or hail
  • Age
  • Be wary of excessive granules in your gutters

Get a consultation about re-roofing.

While granule loss is normal as the shingles age, so is the associated protection those granules give the shingles and your home. 

Moss Roof

There is Moss or Algae Growing On My Roof

“Green” growth is very bad for your roof: 

  • Tree debris can start growth (leaves, branches)
  • Damp or shady conditions allow growth
  • Moss can act like a sponge holding on to moisture (freezing and thawing can cause shingle damage)
  • Regular maintenance (scrubbing, chemical solutions) can help somewhat
  • Don’t use pressure washer to try and remove
  • Maintenance strips (zinc or copper) can help prevent
  • Proper ventilation is key for prevention
  • Some shingle warranties could be voided if clean your roof yourself

A chemical solution, safety equipment, water, hoses, and some scrubbing is likely needed to remove the organic growth on your roof. But how it got there in the first place should be more of your concern, and when it might come back. Hopefully, there is no damage from water absorption.

Roof Mold Stain

There are Black Streaks or Black Mold On My Roof

Black “mold” is technically an airborne algae: 

  • Similar factors as moss (tree debris, shade)
  • Shaded side of your roof will have the most accumulation
  • Humidity is a factor
  • The limestone filler content of asphalt shingles are a food source 
  • Can cause the granules of your shingles to eventually come off
  • Some shingle warranties could be voided if clean your roof yourself

As with moss, a chemical solution, safety equipment, water, hoses, and some scrubbing is likely needed to remove black streaks from your roof.  For black mold/streaks or moss, you will want to prepare the grounds below your roof for any runoff from the solution you use. 


If you have problems with your roof, in most instances you should get an opinion from a professional. 

Even simple maintenance or inspection of your roof can be a safety concern so please be careful.

Just know that whatever problem you have with your shingles, you will have to do this again and again over the years when you choose an asphalt roof.

It sure would be nice to have a roof that won’t suffer these kinds of problems.

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