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Interlock® Tile Roofing

Inspired by the luxurious look of traditional Mediterranean tile, without the heavy weight...

Interlock® Tile is the last roof you will ever install on your home or development. Interlock® Tile is very lightweight, having a dry or wet weight of 70lbs. per 100 sq. ft. This is about 96% lighter than concrete or clay tile. Substantial savings are effected in structural costs for new homes and
developments, as truss systems can be designed for less stress and weight loads.


  • lifetime limited warrantyLifetime Limited Warranty
  • Energy Star® Rated (US Only)
  • Curbside appeal
  • Weather and wind resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • 10 designer colors
  • Lightweight
  • Superior strength / durability
  • Alunar® Coating embedded with TEFLON® surface protector
  • Non-combustible "Class A" Fire Rated available
  • No more cracking or splitting
  • Hidden Fastener system
  • Hail Resistance; Exceeds UL Standard 2218 Class 4, Impact Standard for Impact Resistance



Interlock® Tile roofs are exclusively protected for a lifetime by Alunar® embedded with TEFLON® surface protector for ultimate durability and protection.

  • energy star s

    Qualified Energy Star® Roofing System

    All Interlock® Metal Roofing Systems are Energy Star® rated in the United States. Please see the Energy Star® Reflective Values for additional information. When installed properly, this product will help reduce energy costs. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. Consult your product manufacturer, roofing contractor, or call 1-888-STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937) for more information.

  • Alunar® Coating System embedded with Teflon® surface protector

    teflon surface protector sThis advanced and resistant coating finish gives your roof maximum protectionfrom fading, scuffing, stains, moisture and organic debris. That means your roof will look vibrant, beautiful and elegant for years-to-come. The unique 8-layer coating was developed to withstand the extreme weather conditions including snow, hail, wind, driving rain and our hot summers.

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  • Cool Roof Rating Council

    crrc rated productA variety of Alunar® coatings are CRRC rated and available for Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations: California's Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Non-residential Buildings.

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  • osb sheathing

    Sheathing for the roof should be ½" minimum or closely fitting boards.
  • underlaymentThe entire roof area should be covered (prior to shingle application) with synthetic roofing underlayment.

  • starter flashing detail
    Trim seam locks with Interlock slate. No exposed fasteners.
  • end wall detail
  • valley detailProvides smooth, obstruction-free path for precipitation, no projections to catch debris or snow. Slate panels lock into valley lock on each side.
  • ridge venting detail
    Are also available as an option for additional venting. Ridge venting is installed underneath the ridge caps.

Specification Manual

All of our products showcase our total commitment to protect and beautify your home for life,  and to safeguard the environment.  Our roofing systems will provide you with a lifetime of value.

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