I was amazed how the hail just bounced of the roof


We read an ad in our local newspaper and it talked about the last roof we would ever put on our house guaranteed for 50 years. There was a phone number to call and we really needed to get a new roof as ours was 15 years old and there was no gravel left on the shingles. We called Interlock Roofing, we arranged a date to meet and discuss the application of his product. With in a few days Brad was here and we had a very pleasant and informative meeting with him. By the end of our meeting we had decided this was the way we wanted to go. Brad said within about thirty days the material and installers would arrive and install the roof. The material arrived within about 15 days and about a month later our installer was on the roof.

Jamie a very nice and polite man arrived and introduced himself, he explained what and how he would do the work. We talked daily with Jamie and he would update us on how it was going. They didn’t have to strip the old roof they put the new roof right on top of the old one, saving waste going into the landfill and it didn’t matter if it rained during the installation. It took Jamie about a week, he got rained out one and a half days. When he left at the end of the install there was no sign of him working here other then a new roof.

Since the new roof has been installed we have noticed no damage and we have had three hail storms that damaged vehicles and siding on houses. I was amazed how the hail just bounced of the roof, and no piles of gravel at the bottom of our down spouts, and no shingles lifting off.

The house temperature is more consistent it doesn’t get really warm or really cool it stays where we set it and is more comfortable then before. If you are thinking of replacing your roof you should consider investing in your house and protecting it with an interlock roofing system. I feel good knowing I will never replace our roof again , the material stands up to anything the Alberta weather dishes out and there is peace of mind knowing what you see is what you get today , tomorrow and in the future. The warranty is transferable and the roofing system will ad value to our house if we every were to sell, which I don’t think we will do as we live on an acreage and have the million dollar Mountain View.

Brad has come back out to our home twice since the installation, just to make sure we are happy with the new roof. It’s nice to know that he cares even after the bill has been paid.

Thanks to Jamie and Brad we have nothing to worry about, that a nice feeling when it comes to our home.

Garth and Shannon Richardson
Airdrie, AB