We wanted a roof that we would never have to worry about again!


I would like to share some thoughts with regard to our new Interlock roof which has recently been installed:

We moved into this house five years ago thinking we would never have to put a roof on the house while we lived here. To our surprise, this past spring, I looked up to check the roof, and what did I see? Shock and horror at curling tiles! I couldn’t believe it; so I had it professionally inspected. Sure enough, I was told to have the roof replaced by next spring! I couldn’t believe my ears. Our house is only 10 years old!!!!!!!

I called the previous owner who was also shocked. He said the shingles should last for 25 years. I called the roof installer who also said they were 25 year shingles. I asked him if he would come over just to have a look as I was very concerned being winter is approaching. He was very hesitant but we agreed he would come over after work that day. Well, true to form and a typical contractor, I haven’t seen him to this day. The owner approached him and he used some pretty colorful words as to where I could go and he didn’t care.

We had gone to the trade show and kept all of the pamphlets, etc. We had also received a call about roofing but couldn’t remember who called. Between the pamphlet and the phone call, Brad with Interlock came to the rescue! We wanted a roof that we would never have to worry about again! However, we were very reluctant to have anything to do with contractors again.

Brad was completely true to his word! He kept communications open and was very thorough and excellent on follow-up. He was the overseer of our roof and ensured everything was done correctly and installed quickly. He had trained, professional installers. I was so impressed one day when I was showing the roof to some friends and the installer came over, pointed and asked if we could see a certain line on the roof. We all said we didn’t see it. He said, “Well, I can; I’ll have to redo three rows to correct it, but I’m doing it so it’s done right,” and off he went. His work ethics was impeccable and he was very personable as well.

Unlike most others, when I look at my roof, I only think how gorgeous it looks and so does everyone else!

I would be pleased to speak with anyone, anytime about our new care-free, beautiful roof.

If you are considering a new roof, I would, without hesitation, recommend Brad, Interlock and no one else would do!

Patricia Steves
Raymond, AB

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