We have invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life


In May of this year, my husband and I purchased an Interlock Roofing System. We had met the Interlock representative, Randal at the local Home Show and made an appointment to learn more about the product.

We knew nothing about roofing prior to this experience – few people do. During his visit to our home, Randal walked us through the features and benefits of the complete range of roofing options—facts, statistics, cost comparisons, photographs. He answered our questions thoroughly and provided us with everything we needed to make an informed purchasing decision. We found Randal to be friendly, honest and trustworthy; listening to him was almost like receiving advice from a respected friend.

We have had our new roof for six months now and have often commented on the wisdom of our decision – most importantly, the comfort and security we feel knowing that we have invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life. The storms here can be wicked – as can be seen by the resulting damage trees, fences, and roofs.

Listening to the wind howl outside, I thought I would write this letter of support for your product, and for Randal. My husband and I are pleased to recommend Randal to anyone who is considering installing a new roof!

Donna H.
Campbell River, BC V9W 6S2

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So far lots of positive remarks from the public when they drive by


So far lots of positive remarks from the public when they drive by.

  1. Did you receive the products and services presented to you by our company representative? 100%
  2. Are you happy with the appearance of your new roofing system? 100%
  3. Please rate your experience with our installation team 100%
  4. Were our installers courteous and professional in their work? 100%
  5. Was all of the excess debris removed from your property and the area thoroughly cleaned up upon completion of the installation? 100%
  6. Would you recommend our company to others as dealing fairly and in good faith? 100%

Marlene G.
Campbell River, BC

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Tired of curling and cracking old duroid roof shingles


To Whom It May Concern::

After considering many different roof styles and systems, I chose Interlock because I was tired of curling and cracking old duroid roof shingles. My problem was unique, in that, I was surrounded by large fir trees, which shed unlimited needles on my roof, not to mention moss problems. This product answered my concerns. Because of the smooth Teflon surface nothing sticks to it and I’m not concerned about the moss.

The true test of a good roof is the installer. Antonio was our roofer, I found him to be very professional and considerate of our time. He removed the old chimney and reinforced the hold in the roof like a professional contractor and did not compromise in any way.

The look of the roof and the quality of workmanship is what impressed me most.

Now I get all sorts of comments on my roof!

Thanks again, Interlock Roofing and Antonio!!!!!

Happy Customer,
Lenny V.
Campbell River, BC

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