Interlock is a leader in the field of roofing companies


To whom it may concern, Interlock Industries:

I am writing to boast of my new roof, that I am l 00% satisfied with both the roof itself and the service of installation.

The installers arrived promptly, as they had planned ahead of time. Also, the materials were at the site exactly, so there were no delays; work progressed on schedule. The laborers were courteous, informative and very professional. They were on time in the morning, everyday, and they did not work late, as to be a bother in the evenings.

The roof itself looks fantastic, and I have a very secure peace of mind. With a solid and transferable 50 year guarantee, I have no doubts or worries.

Interlock is a leader in the field of roofing companies, and I am sure this company will be around for a very long time.

Thanks again, Todd.

E. Wicks
Kamloops, BC

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No extra noise on a rainy day


I would like to take this time to say thank you for a job well done.

From sales, to project manager, to roofer, the team worked in a highly professional manner. The job was organized efficiently and completed in a timely manner. All materials on completion were taken away within the next day.

Michael’s work was efficient and very well done. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the roof. I particularly like the finishing touches on the roof edges and around the chimney’s flashing. Michael did an excellent job!

My home now has a much better cleaner profile. I am also surprised at how there is no extra noise on a rainy day – and we do have those rainy days here on the west coast. I had actually thought this may be an issue with the home being 80 years old as no extra sound proofing allowable, so am very pleased with the outcome.

Once again thank you for a job well done.

Elvira Kozak
West Vancouver, BC

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One month into the purchase of my first house, a surprise awaited following a refresh of my gutters – two words every homeowner dreads hearing…’roof replacement!‘ High anxiety. Having no experience or know-how, being a rookie homeowner, replacing the roof felt daunting and uncomfortable. Hearing only the industry horror stories of work done poorly, inadequately and haphazardly, I feared the worst. I immediately took to Google in search of companies and quotes. It did not begin well. The first company priced my job at 24k, and suggested they’d need to ‘refresh’ it in 8 years. The second company was priced more moderately and offered 10 year coverage, but came across pushy, wanting me to sign on the dotted line after the first conversation. I had to tell the operator twice in the same chat that no, I would not be sending an advance payment immediately and was not ready to let them begin work. Needless to say, a terrible start to the search, confirming my fears about the industry and pricing.

The next day, back to the Google I went, this time in search of the highest-rated company I could find. ‘Interlock Roofing‘ appeared, along with reviews touting the company’s metal roofing product that was both durable and held considerable ‘curb appeal.’ More than that, the reviews spoke of the company’s professionalism, honesty, quality of work and timeliness (no small feat in an industry known for the exact opposite!). I sent an initial interest email, hoping the reviews were real and true! And my goodness…did they prove to be! From my thorough initial chat with Lynda to the revealing Powerpoint orientation meeting with Mike, to Todd’s quote process and honest job pricing sans showroom showdown, to the finishing roof touches with installer extraordinaire Mike, and then, finally, addition of snowguards with expert Tariq…Interlock’s team went above and beyond. Patient, more than they probably should have been with me, a rookie with many questions (plenty of them of the ‘stupid’ variety if I do say!) and always willing to explain things simple or difficult. The culture and integrity of Interlock’s team really shines through at each step, and removed any anxiety I had. I completed a major 6-month renovation at my home, and I can say with 100% certainty…Interlock was my favorite contractor of the entire process, inside or out.

Final word about the quality of product, the metal roof. I have spent the days, weeks and months since the install touting the Interlock roof to neighbors, family and friends! The quality is off the charts, and the peace of mind it provides is best of all – 50-year warranty and no lost sleep over leaks, water damage or degradation over time. The cost difference? The quotes I received…the pricing was remarkably similar for such a tremendous gap in value! And the process was transparent, the team trustworthy start to finish. Living in Vancouver in our climate, this is the only choice for peace of mind. The final bonus? It looks absolutely beautiful at street level.

So, from one rookie homeowner to another…I hope you choose and trust Interlock with your home! Lynda, Mike, Todd, Mike and Tariq…folks with integrity you want working on your home.

North Vancouver, BC

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We have invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life


In May of this year, my husband and I purchased an Interlock Roofing System. We had met the Interlock representative, Randal at the local Home Show and made an appointment to learn more about the product.

We knew nothing about roofing prior to this experience – few people do. During his visit to our home, Randal walked us through the features and benefits of the complete range of roofing options—facts, statistics, cost comparisons, photographs. He answered our questions thoroughly and provided us with everything we needed to make an informed purchasing decision. We found Randal to be friendly, honest and trustworthy; listening to him was almost like receiving advice from a respected friend.

We have had our new roof for six months now and have often commented on the wisdom of our decision – most importantly, the comfort and security we feel knowing that we have invested in an excellent product that is guaranteed for life. The storms here can be wicked – as can be seen by the resulting damage trees, fences, and roofs.

Listening to the wind howl outside, I thought I would write this letter of support for your product, and for Randal. My husband and I are pleased to recommend Randal to anyone who is considering installing a new roof!

Donna H.
Campbell River, BC V9W 6S2

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Very professional salesman and we did not feel pressured at any time

Victoria, British Columbia


Dear Sirs:

Just dropping you a letter to let you know how satisfied we are with the complete procedure of our dealing with your company.

It started by reading your brochures and meeting with your salesman Randal at the Home Show at the Save-On Centre in March. Upon speaking with Randal at the home show we set up an appointment with him to come to our home to speak to us and give us a quote for our roof. Having worked with salespeople all our lives in work and pleasure we found Randal to be a very professional salesman and we did not feel pressured at any time.

The roofing material was delivered and the installers notified us when they would be ready to start work on our roof. The installation took place as agreed upon. We have had great remarks from our neighbours stating that they were very impressed with the way the roofers worked… no loud music and no loud talking going on with the roofers while they worked. We agreed with them and had spoken among ourselves about the roofers quality of work ethics. Their clean-up was also excellent.

We are very happy with this Company and we will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the future. The roof we choose was Brown Slate and we love it and it looks great.

Yours Sincerely,
Very Happy People
Rae T. and Bev C.
Victoria, BC V8P 2A1

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I saw an Interlock roof installed in our neighbourhood before I even knew what it was and immediately loved the proud confidence


I saw an Interlock roof installed in our neighbourhood before I even knew what it was and immediately loved the proud confidence but subtle undertone of the roof (charcoal slate). Years later we sold that house and had the chance to renovate our new house and Interlock was my 1st choice. We struggled during the renovation to justify the cost of the roof and put it off to the very end but in the end we bit the bullet and we’re so happy we did. The roof lends such authority to the rest of our renovation, simultaneously making the house look incredible while also ensuring it feels timeless and part of the neighbourhood. On top of all of that, I need to add that the people involved with Interlock have all been incredible. Randal the sales person was the epitome of no-pressure, supportive sales. Todd was excellent to work with to schedule the install and Vlad and his team were the most professional tradespeople I’ve ever met. Timely, clean and presentable, quick at their job, incredible with our kids and aware that our house was a home and that the clean up at the end of each day helped ensure our kids were safe.

John & Kathleen Z.
Victoria, BC

We were leaning towards a standard metal roof to replace our old asphalt shingles and in preparation for solar panels.

Victoria, British Columbia


We were leaning towards a standard metal roof to replace our old asphalt shingles and in preparation for solar panels. I decided to get a quote from Interlock and was impressed with the product.

Interlock was within 10% of my quote for a steel roof and there was a little bit of room for negotiation.

The installers worked extremely hard and were very professional and cleaned up after themselves. We had a little bit of damage to a railing from when the old roof was being removed. They offered compensation, but I was able to clean it up so it is hardly noticeable.

When it rains hard, there is a pleasant pitter patter sound – not loud or disturbing at all. The roof looks amazing!

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Owen T.
Victoria, BC

Adding value to our home


To whom it may concern,

We are writing to tell you how happy we are with our new roof installed by your company in May.

Who knew when we went to the Vancouver Boat Show in January we would spend most of our time there at your presentation booth with salesman, Randal. He was very enthusiastic about your products, service and company. We arranged for him to come to our home to give us a quote where he explained the product, installation, history of company in detail and emphasized the quality of the products and installation and pride of ownership. Although the price was higher than expected, the end result was so much more than we expected. The installation went very well. Mike was amazing and we can’t say enough about how respectful he and his crew were. They cleaned up every day and explained every part of the installation as they progressed.

They started the job on time and ended on time – again having our driveway lawn and patio areas absolutely clean and nail free.

We have had many people stop to ask about the roof since it can be seen from a main street at the end of our cul-de-sac and we are more than happy to share our positive experience with them – passing along your phone number.

Thank you for this positive experience and adding value to our home – and pride of ownership!

Dave and Linda
North Vancouver, BC

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We must commend the 3-4 roofers that have been working right through the rainstorm trying to get our roof complete


We are getting our roof done right now and have also installed snow guards as well.

Our experience with BC’s Best Roof / Interlock has been thus far excellent. Everyone from the sales crew, service manager, removal crew, and roof installers have been professional.

We must commend the 3-4 roofers that have been working right through the rainstorm trying to get our roof complete. Plus they all cleanup at the end of each day that they work.

Another day or two and they should be finished and it will be time for us to pay the bill!

Edmond Chiu
Burnaby, BC

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After a hot day, my house is cooler and cools off quicker, so you get a good night’s sleep


When I was doing the research on replacing my roof on my house,  I was looking for a more environmentally friendly material and something that would keep my house cooler after a hot, sunny day.

At one of the environmental fairs I attended, I picked up a brochure describing all types of roofing materials.  I chose Interlock Roofing Systems because they offered all the features I was looking for.  The advantage of Interlock Roofing Systems is that, from the salesperson to the installers, they are part of the same company.  On the news, I had just heard of a horror story of a reputable company that used third-party installers.  They ended up cutting corners and did a terrible job for their client.

With Interlock, everything was more than satisfactory.  The installers were professional and hardworking. The product delivers what is promised.  After a hot day, my house is cooler and cools off quicker, so you get a good night’s sleep.  I had the Interlock metal slates installed and my roof looks great.  The neighborhood loves it!   And, no, it’s not noisy when it rains–it’s the same as any other roof.

One’s roof takes the most pounding on a house – rain, snow, and wind, so the investment is well worth it.  Since you are getting an environmentally friendly, attractive product, plus a great warranty, I highly recommend Interlock Roofing Systems.

Daniel Richard
Vancouver, BC

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I know we will never regret it – our house looks better now than when it was brand new!


Well, the time had arrived – we needed to replace our shake roof, what to do, what to do!

After perusing the options, we called Interlock Roofing and a young man (young to us) named Colin came to the house with facts & figures and some really great samples that included a black shake style that caught our attention.

Interlock Roofing makes a great permanent replacement for old moss ridden, algae eaten cedar shakes, and it was just too attractive to pass up so we signed up…

I know we will never regret it – our house looks better now than when it was brand new!

The roofing crew were a delightful, friendly foursome (Interlock trained for correct installation of patented roofing system) who promptly answered any questions we had, they were meticulous in their installation and every evening, they picked up every piece of leftover stuff so our yard always looked neat at the end of the day.
From every angle, visually and financially, we are so happy that we selected Interlock Roofing for our home, it will look as good 20 years from now as it does today – and we won’t have to re-roof again!

Thanks Interlock and our roofing crew Mike & Mike, Denny & James.

Al & Fran Marcotte
Aldergrove, BC

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The Interlock Roofing System gives the" WOW" factor


We are very pleased with the Interlock Roofing System that you recently installed on our 761 E.12th street property. We chose your product for it’s Clean, Contemporary look, Durability and Quality. Your installation Manager, Todd Jones, was always available for consultation. His professional approach and product expertise ensured we got what we needed to complete this Custom Design Roof, on time and within the budget.

As you are aware, our home is a West Coast Contemporary Design; constructed of post and beams, glass and cement; with a roof line that looks simple but is, in fact, unique and complicated. It has 2 vertical floating wings with a flat horizontal overhang between them, all rising to the peak. The roof, then, drops back over the remainder of the house with large overhangs over several decks. All sides are visible from the street. We needed a product that complimented this design and looked good from all angles.

Your installer, Mike Hayes, was excellent. His knowledge, workmanship and attention to detail made this roof a SHOWCASE for your product and our home. Many of our tradesman and all passersby have commented on the quality of work and your roofing system. All the comments are positive. It looks wonderful.

The Interlock Roofing System gives the” WOW” factor we were hoping for, and the guarantee of a quality product, for many years to come. We would not hesitate to recommend your roofing system, at any time, and look forward, in the future, to doing business with you on our next project.

Thank you,

Brett, Jim and Lyn Maurer
BM Construction
North Vancouver, BC

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We are very happy with the look of our new roof


To whom it may concern,

We are very happy with the look of our new roof. michael Hayes, the prime installer was great to deal with and he and his crew worked hard.

Dianne and Jerry Froese
Victoria, BC

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Excellent job of the installation


Interlock Industries (BC) Ltd.

To whom it may concern

I would like to commend your staff who were very courteous and helpful from my first meeting with your representative, Colin James, who was very informative and answered all my questions and doubts regarding your roofing system. Colin made sure that I was quite comfortable with your system before I signed the contract. It was a pleasure to meet Colin.

Your office was very good in keeping me informed on the delivery date of the materials and installation date. Todd followed up with phone calls to make sure that everything was on schedule.

My special thanks goes to Michael Hayes who did an excellent job of the installation and took necessary steps to see that everything was okay. e.g. He mentioned about my skylights which needed replacing and informed Todd who placed an order for the replacement. No hesitation in commenting on his politeness and professionalism. My thanks to his helper, “quiet” James also.

Thank you once again to all the staff at Interlock.

D. Leong
North Vancouver

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