Step flashing

Step flashing is a type of roof flashing that is used to seal the joint between a vertical wall and a sloping roof. Step flashing is typically installed in a “step” fashion, with individual pieces of flashing installed over each shingle or roofing material and overlapped by the next piece of flashing.

Step flashing is commonly used in residential construction, where it is installed at the junction of the roof and exterior walls, such as around dormer windows, skylights, and chimneys. The step flashing is usually made of metal, such as aluminum or galvanized steel, and is installed in a sequence that allows water to flow down and away from the wall, preventing moisture intrusion and water damage.

The proper installation of step flashing is important for ensuring the long-term durability and performance of the roof. Each piece of flashing must be properly sized and positioned to ensure that it overlaps the previous piece and provides a secure seal against water infiltration. The flashing must also be properly integrated with the roofing material and other roof components, such as underlayment and ice and water shield, to prevent water from entering the roof system.

Overall, step flashing is an important component of a properly designed and installed roof system. It helps to prevent moisture buildup and water damage, and can help to ensure the long-term durability and performance of the roof.

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