Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

Metal roofs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners due to their durability, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. However, one common concern that many homeowners have is whether metal roofs are noisy. In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that can affect the noise level of metal roofs and provide some insight into what you can expect if you’re considering a metal roof for your home.

First, it’s important to understand that any roof can make noise under certain conditions, such as when there’s heavy rain, hail, or wind. However, metal roofs are often perceived as being louder than other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles or tile. This is because metal roofs are typically installed with a solid deck or substrate, which can amplify the sound of raindrops or other types of precipitation hitting the roof surface.

That being said, there are several factors that can affect the noise level of a metal roof. The first factor is the type of metal used. Thicker metals tend to be less noisy than thinner metals, as they provide more mass and insulation to absorb the sound. Additionally, some types of metal roofs are designed with sound-deadening underlayment or insulation, which can help to reduce noise transmission.

Another factor that can affect the noise level of a metal roof is the installation method. When metal roofing is installed directly on a solid deck, it can create a drum-like effect that amplifies sound. To mitigate this, some metal roofing manufacturers recommend installing the roofing material over a layer of sound-deadening insulation or other materials that can absorb sound.

Lastly, the pitch of the roof can also play a role in the noise level. Steeply pitched roofs tend to be less noisy than low-pitched roofs, as the rain and other precipitation can slide off more quickly, reducing the amount of time it spends on the roof surface.

In conclusion, while metal roofs may be noisier than other types of roofing materials, there are ways to minimize the noise level, such as using thicker metal, installing insulation, or choosing a steeper pitch. If you’re considering a metal roof for your home, it’s important to work with an experienced roofing contractor who can help you choose the right type of metal roofing and installation method to meet your specific needs and preferences.

These are by far the most asked questions we get asked:

  • What does a metal roof sound like in the rain?
  • Is it loud? Can you hear the rain on a metal roof?
  • Wouldn’t it be deafening in a rainstorm?

Metal roofing myth

We’ll just say it. Interlock® metal roofs are not noisy.
However, it’s easy to see why people would think that. 
Most people refer to metal roofing with something they’ve seen installed on a barn.
Metal roofing on barns can be boisterous when it rains. But if you asked our customers, most would say …

“It sounds about the same as my old roof.”

No matter if they once had an asphalt, cedar, shake or tile roof, this is an answer we hear in response if they are asked about noise from their new metal roof.

Why do they say this?


One of the biggest reasons our roofing is not noisy are the layers between you and the rain hitting your roof. 
Sure, if you stood outside in the rain, it might sound different. 
However, inside, the sound would be alike to what your old roof was like. 

Those layers would be:

  • Metal roofing shingle or panel
  • Underlay
  • ½” sheeting

That’s 3 layers at a minimum that insulate you from any noise from the outside.
Then if you have an attic and multiple floors, then there are more sound dampening layers against any noise.
Conversely, if you recall metal roofing on a barn, you might remember that there are no layers to the roofing. Just the metal panels. When rain hits it, it will be thunderous. 

Not noisy. Just beautiful.

We hope this helps answer the question if metal roofing is noisy or not.
It’s not. Well, at least ours aren’t. 

What do our customers say about noise?

"We were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that the noise level was no greater than it had been before."
"The one concern my wife had in going with a metal roof was noise during a rainstorm, and some severe weather has shown that noise is not a problem."
Note that the noise of the rain on the aluminum roof is not much different from that of the asphalt shingles. Perhaps a slightly higher pitch, but the insulation in the attic and the fact that the old shingles were left on the roof under the aluminum perhaps helped to make it almost unnoticeable."
"I was concerned that the aluminum may be “noisy”, however, with the amount of hard rain we have had, there is no more noise than there was with my old shingle roof."
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