Some severe weather has shown that noise is not a problem

Portsmouth, Rhode Island


Dear Interlock:

It has been a couple of months since the installation of my Interlock roof was completed, and two neighborhood endorsements have been forthcoming in that period. First, neighbors have commented about how good it looks, and second, they have commented on the daily cleanup done by the installation crew. I heartily endorse my neighbors’ comments. The cleanup factor really became evident shortly after when a conventional shingle roof was installed a few houses away by a local contractor. Materials were staged in front of the house rather than out of sight in the rear, and the place looked like a mess until the job was completed.

As you are aware, the design of my house coupled with the prior construction of an addition across the length of the rear presented unusual challenges. While aluminum shingles could be used on the front, the slope of the back required an installation of Interlock’s membrane roof product. Further complicating the matter was a double roof in the rear with no ventilation of the void between the two roofs. Although you built a ventilation solution into the contract price, hidden construction issues once the work commenced on the rear necessitated redesigning the proposed ventilation solution. This could easily have been an opportunity for Interlock to take advantage of the situation, but the pricing of the change was handled by you and your office staff in a very fair manner. The extensive carpentry that became necessary did, I suspect, add the better part of a day to the job, yet the additional cost was nominal for the effort involved. As important as the pricing was to me, it was just as important and most gratifying to see the carpentry skills employed by the installation crew as they implemented the changes.

The one concern my wife had in going with a metal roof was noise during a rainstorm, and some severe weather has shown that noise is not a problem. Also, as everyone is aware, July broke heat records, yet my home’s interior has been more comfortable thanks to the reflectivity of the roof. In conclusion, I am very pleased with the outcome.

Jeffrey Belden
Portsmouth, RI

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