Roof rakes; we won't need one anymore!


As we listened to the news yesterday evening, a report came on pointing out that roof rakes (used to rake snow off the roofs) are sold out, and the stores can’t keep up with demand. We had to smile – we won’t need one anymore! After twenty years with an asphalt roof, raking and shovelling snow off, chopping the ice built-up along the eaves and worrying about falling – the problem was solved. For the first year since we built in 1990, we haven’t had to go on the roof. What a pleasure it is to stand back and watch the snow sliding off the roof, leaving bare shingles behind. Thank you, Maritime Permanent Roofing!

We had our Interlock Roofing System installed by Maritime Permanent Roofing in May of 2010, and we’re sorry we didn’t do it years before. Every step of the process was handled very professionally, from the initial visit and estimate by the sales representative, to the installers who were so good at what they do (including explaining each step of the process, answering all our questions, and cleaning up each evening before leaving), to the calls from the project co-coordinator before, during, and after the installation, to the follow-up calls from the sales representative after the project was done. We have nothing but good things to say about each step.

We have had so many positive comments on the appearance of our roof and even people stopping and asking about it. As a bonus, we found the upstairs area stayed cooler this past summer. Under certain wind conditions, our old asphalt roof would leak in the rain – again, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Yes, we could have replaced our roof with another asphalt roof for less money, but we would still be up there removing snow and chopping ice. If someone fell and perhaps ended up in a wheelchair, how do you figure out the cost of that?

Feel free to give our names/phone numbers to anyone with questions about this roofing system. We are very satisfied customers.

Clifford and Marie C.
East Lake Ainslie, NS

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