It looks magnificent, and our neighbours are already commenting on the beautiful appearance


We are the talk of our neighbourhood. Our house now has the best looking roof on our street and we are proud of it.

Chris and Paul who worked on the roof were extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. What a great representation of your company standards. They kept us informed of their progress, worked endlessly and constantly cleaned up after themselves. Job well done!!!Many of our neighbours came out to watch and were impressed with the workmanship and style of the Interlock roof.

Hopefully other home owners will realize the benefits of having this type of roofing system.

Our biggest concern was the noise level when it was raining. Our concern was put to ease the other night because we had a rain storm and we could barely hear the rain drops on the roof.

We now can sleep peacefully knowing that we now have a strong quiet maintenance-free roof.

Thank you Interlock!

Wayne and Sandi S.
Hamilton, Ontario

Guildquality Review
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