Thanks for giving us the best looking roof in the neighbourhood


To whom it may concern;

In 2003 we had 25-year asphalt shingles installed on our roof. Recently we noted that our roofing shingles were beginning to curl and deteriorate on the corners and edges and presented an overall unpleasant sight from the curb. Although there was no leakage, we decided that at the rate of current deterioration, we might be lucky to get another 1-2 years before leaking occurred.

The decision we faced was:

Wait another year or so and replace the roof once it starts leaking and tolerate the increasingly unsightly view from the curb;
Deal with the original installer (who is out of business) and use the manufacturer’s 50% asphalt shingle warranty, which just covers 50% of the cost of replacing the faulty shingles (not the whole roof) and which we are not even sure would cover the labour costs (which we doubt); or swallow our losses and shop for a new, longer-lasting metal roof.

After a few weeks of researching, we chose Interlock Industries because they were not only a 100% Canadian company but also because they manufactured and installed their own roofing systems. Also, we noted that they had been in business for over 25 years and had every appearance of remaining in business for some time into the future. Long enough, we felt, to cover their 50-year lifetime roofing warranty. Would it cost more than a new asphalt shingle roof? Absolutely, but in our opinion, the increased cost seemed to more than offset the obvious benefits and life expectancy of an aluminum metal roof.

Therefore, over the period of 08 to 14 September 2014, we had the Interlock aluminum roof installed on our home. The installation took a little longer than anticipated due to the weather, over which, of course, the workers had absolutely no control. We watched the installation closely and were very impressed, not only with the care that was taken by the installers but also with the way they constantly kept us informed as to what they were doing. Needless to say the installers were polite and very professional and when they departed, they made sure that our lawn and flower beds were cleaned up and looked the same as before work had commenced. As for the finished product – in our opinion our roof is the best looking roof in our neighbourhood.

We did not write this note immediately after the installation was completed but waited to find out how the roof would fare under different weather conditions. There were a few items which were pointed out to us while we were doing our research. We had heard that a metal roof would add considerably more weight to the roof, that there was increased noise when it rained, that the metal made the temperature inside the house rise a few degrees over the normal and, finally, that the colours and textures of metal roofs were very limited.

We can now discount all of these allegations. We did not notice any more noise from rain than when we had asphalt shingles, nor did we notice any change in the house’s interior temperature. As for the increased weight and selection of colours and textures, we found that the choices were just as numerous as for asphalt shingles and, of course, the weight on the roof was increased, but because the metal is aluminum, the additional weight would be less than the worst winter snowfall and, therefore, insignificant since snow should no longer collect on the roof but slide off the metal surface.

One of the final aspects we found with the installation of the Interlock aluminum roof was that it was installed over the existing asphalt shingles, which made the installation more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of waste being trucked to a landfill. The way the roof was installed was by covering the existing shingles with a waterproof membrane and then nailing the Interlock aluminum roof over the existing shingles, which might also explain why there were no noticeable increases in rain noise nor inside temperatures.

Are we pleased with our new Interlock aluminum roof? Barry Brinson promised us a roof that would be to our complete satisfaction – and he delivered in spades. Thanks for giving us the best-looking roof in the neighbourhood.

Robert & Andrée F.
Orleans, ON

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