The three-person crew was very courteous

Hello Barry
My wife and I are very impressed with the looks of the INTERLOCK black slate roofing system that was just installed on our home in the Huntclub Road / Conroy Road area in Ottawa.
The crew that installed the roofing material during the 3rd and 4th weeks of January 2019 worked through and around temperatures between +.5°C to -25.°C, two weather events that dropped 46 cm of snow and 6 mm of rain and freezing rain plus the occasional days of lite snow flurries.
The lead installer told me that a normal installation for the size of our roof could take 2 to 3 days in the spring, summer and fall but with the unpredictable weather doing winter jobs it can take longer as some days with the extreme cold and dumps of snow it’s just too dangerous to work outside let alone on a roof.
The three-person crew was very courteous and answered any and all questions my wife and I had during the installation process and they made sure the work site was clean and tidy before leaving for home.

Thank you,
Anna and Randy
Ottawa, ON

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